Friday, June 8, 2012

Georgian Fashion Images used in Zapparade 2012 banner

Today I have something different for you but still in keeping with the Georgian fashion plate theme.

A very talented artist by the name of Anja De Dobbelaere has been working diligently to create items for the upcoming Zapparade 2012 in Belgium.  Today is the first I've seen of the finished banner and I could not wait to share her amazing work with all of you.

Street Festival Banner for Zapparade 2012 by Anja De Dobbelaere
 The theme for Zapparade 2012 is "The Heritage of Baron Von Muenchhausen" 
Baron Von Muenchhausen was a German nobleman and 
famous recounter of tall tales who lived from 1720 - 1797.

Anja did a superb job of creating a most festive Georgian era scene in celebrations of the upcoming event in commemoration of the Baron.  Just think of all the hours it took to create this huge scene and doesn't it just make you smile.

Anja does not currently have a blog; however you can find her on Pinterest - HERE
and her Zapparade work can be seen HERE

Poster for Zapparade 2012 by Anja De Dobbelaere

I had the privilege of being an image contributor to Anja on this project.
(So yes, several of the fashion figures you are seeing are from my collection of vintage fashion plates and some of the architectural elements and scenery are from previously posted Ackermann Repository plates I posted about back in 2011) 

I could spend hours looking in on all the vignettes she has created.  It's such an enjoyable piece to view and I keep finding myself coming back to it again and again to peek into all the nooks and corners to make sure I missed seeing something. I love looking at all the individual elements that make up this lovely piece and if you do too, I've left a few links here and there so you can find some of the elements that can also be found on my blog.
See now you can have your very own image Treasure Hunt.

The banner is such a long piece that it's easier
to view in sections - so here they are.

This is the first section on the far left of the banner by Anja De Dobbelaere

I'm personally unfamiliar with the tales of Baron Von Muenchhausen but I'm sure there are hints to various stories in the banner.  There are so many fun whimsical images here and there like the fox with keys in his mouth or the bed in the middle of a field with the three widows standing by.
(The small building to the back left is an Ackermann's Repository image.)

The second section of the banner from the left side leading up to the bridge by Anja De Dobbelaere
Here we see more clusters of fashionably attired ladies and gents of the 1700's.
There is also a hint of a hot air balloon just behind the bridge.

The Third portion of the banner from the left - The bridge by Anja De Dobbelaere

We see a lady dancing to a fiddlers tune on the bridge with Mr Moon in the background look down. And don't miss the whimsical man up in the tree who has just lost his hat - to the left of the sign.
He's actually a representation of the Baron in one of his stories about flying on a cannon ball.
(The bridge is  an Ackermann Repository image)

The Fourth section of the banner from the left and the next to the last piece by Anja De Dobbelaere

I love the charm and whimsy the fountain in the background adds to these players on the scene.
(The fountain is an Ackermann Repository piece should you wonder)

The last portion of the banner to the far right by Anja De Dobbelaere

We have one last couple sitting off by themselves having a bit of tea as a peacock looks on.
I love the use of all the pink flowers to give the banner that extra pop and whimsy.
(The little building and bridge next to the couple and the one way off in the distance behind them are also from Ackermann's Repository's series of Garden Landscape images. And many of the trees in the banner came from a variety of other landscape images from Ackermann's too.)

Many of the Georgian Era fashion figures can be found on my posts but they are scattered over the first part of 2012 on my blog - click HERE to see all posts showing Georgian Era Fashions.
See how many of the Gents and Ladies you can find.

You can also see a variety of Ackermann Repository landscapes that have trees - HERE & HERE

If you like Anja's Artpiece please go to her Pinterest account - HERE
and leave her comments so she can can get the accolades she truly deserves
on her spectacular creation.
(She did this work "Pro Bono" for the festival organization so;
 I think she deserves a big round of applause for all her hard work).

Great Job Anja!!!!  It's Beautiful!!!

Till next time when I return with more vintage fashions from the Georgian Era

To find out more about Zapparade 2012 in Belgium go HERE and HERE


  1. Hi Evelyn, wow, you really make me blush!!!! Such an elaborate hommage and how nice you put all the detailed images here.
    The 'funny man who lost his hat' is really the head character in this festival: it is Baron Von Muenchhausen, and in one of his stories is told about how he flies on a cannon ball. I found this image somewhere, I don't even remember where. I sent a link to your blog to all the Zapparade people and I put a link to your blog on my Facebook page. Unfortunately I cannot comment on any pins on Pinterest because I'm having a 'comment block'. I hope this problem will be solved quickly. Thanks Evelyn!

    1. Hello Anja!!! I love your banner and wanted to make sure other got to see it too. It's just such a huge piece of work and definitely "grins and giggles" worthy in my book. I'm glad to have the opportunity to showcase it for you here.

      Thanks for giving a bit more information on the image that is the Baron. I've added that information above in the post so others will know who he is too. From what little I do know it sounds as if he was quite the character.

      I hope a lot of people will get to see your work via the internet; since most of us will not be able to come to Zapparade in Belgium at the end of the month to see your work in person. Enjoy the festival for me.


  2. Your blog is amazing........i spent a lot of time here and it was fun.... Beautiful images and great work yours.... Thank you for sharing it with us, simple person.
    I came here from a link in Kell Belle Studio's blog.
    big hugs and kisses

  3. Thanks so much Sônia/Brazil - I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog and the images I've been posting. I think they are treasures that should be shared and am glad you think so too.

    I recently purchased a few more of those Victorian paper dolls like the one Kell Belle Studio's blog showed so I'll be doing a mini post series on them in the next few month so keep checking back.


  4. Hello,
    Wonderful discovery! It's beautiful landscapes with these little ladies in beautiful dresses!!! In French of Quebec, I say "C'est bôôôôô", hi, hi.
    Many thanks!

    1. Yes didn't Anja do an amazing job with her artpiece!!!

      She did a superb job of blending in a variety of Ackermann Repository landscapes from the Regency era with the late 1700's fashion plates to make this huge banner. I'm so thrilled she was able to use some of my images in it's creation.

      It's so nice to see beautiful old images get a new life and I'm sure if the original artists could see that their work lives on even 200 years after they were first published, they would be thrilled.