Thursday, August 26, 2010

Faskolor Paint Background using the Kiss Technique - an alternate to the Polished Stone Technique

Faskolor Paints are used by hobbyists to airbrush on model cars but I enjoy using these paints on my creative projects.  I have also used other brands such as Createx; just check the airbrush section of you hobby or craft store and you should find a comparable type of model car paint. 

Regardless of the brand; I always use the pearlized colors, since I like the shimmer those give my projects.
The key to the look I get is to use the pearlized model car paint on black glossy cardstock.  You need the glossy black to get the bright pop of color in the finished projects you will see here.

An example of a Faskolor Background using the Kiss Technique.

Faskolor Paint Background using the Kiss Technique

  • One sheet of Black Glossy Cardstock cut in half.
  • Faskolor Paint in several colors (or other car model airbrush paint)
  • Lots of scrap paper and tissues to protect your work surface and wipe your hands.

Drop lots of dots of paint all over one piece of the glossy cardstock.
Too much paint and you won't get good swirling, Too little paint and the 
the glossy cardstock faces will try and stick to each other and the surface 
will tear apart when you do the Kiss technique.

Lay the second piece of black glossy cardstock face down on top of the
paint topped piece so the two KISS.

Lightly press down with your fingertips and spread the paint around between
the two sheets. This part gets a bit messy since excess paint will squeeze out the 
edges. You can wipe off the excess with tissue or you can scrape off the paint 
and place it to the side to decorate another piece of paper.

Gently lift from the corner and peal the top away from the bottom.
Pull up slowly to get small veining - Pull up faster to get larger swirls.

The finished product will be two pieces that are mirror images of each other.
The bottom portion was pulled slowly and the top portion was pulled up faster
giving the two different swirling effects.

Using the mirror halves gives a great optical background.

Examples using Faskolor Paint Background using the Kiss Technique:

Buildings were stamped on transparency film and the transparency was 
attached over the Faskolor background using spray adhesive.
Rubber stamp image by Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

Animal print was printed onto transparency film; which was attached
to the Faskolor background using spray adhesive.  
A vintage image was attached on top to create a fun and simple ATC (Artist Trading Card).

Domino Art using the Faskolor Paint Background using the Kiss Technique.
The domino was painted black and the same technique as above was 
used but domino to domino instead of glossy cardstock.
(Inkadinkado Image was rubber stamped once the paint was dry.)


Grins and Giggles,
 Evelyn (EKDuncan)

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