Monday, August 16, 2010

The Fun of Paper Art Dolls - Examples from other Artists

Currently my muse is fascinated by the concept of  Paper Art Dolls and/or any combination of components that might be used to make or embellish them.  The creative possibilities are endless in how they can be made and what can be done with the finished artwork.  I just have fun imagining the possibilities and seeing what other artists have created.

This is one of my favorite assembled dolls 
I've found to date on the Internet.
Created by: Paula Stenberg


Some of my early EKDuncan Artwork
This is a Folding Doll ATC (Artist Trading Card) I made for Halloween a few years back
using scans I had for an L&B Articulated Paper Doll

Two doll pins I made a few years ago using rubber
stamped doll parts and shrink plastic.
Spring & Fall Fairy stamp images are by Limited Edition Rubber Stamps.

Several years ago I made a whole series of these type of dolls
as Christmas Tree Ornaments.
Rubber stamp image is by Limited Edition Rubber Stamps.
(These rubber stamped dolls are what generated my 
initial interest into Articulated Paper Dolls.)


I wanted to share some of the ideas and artwork created by others which I have found to be inspirational.  I look forward to creating more fun Paper Art Doll pieces based on some of the cool ideas I have found on the web by other artists and companies that sell doll part items.

This very cool Time-Traveler was done by Wanda Stivison 

These are necklaces I saw a while ago on Flickr.
Created from vintage Paper Scraps.
These are great as jewelry items but would also make great Christmas Ornaments.

I've been thinking about creating smaller versions of my L&B dolls
to make a necklace and then last week while on vacation in Boston
I found the coolest boutique that had this articulated doll necklace.
Necklace is by Michal Negrin
The whole website is fun and inspiring -

These great rubber stamps and templates are
by: Kimberly Crick of The Enchanted Gallery
She has free doll templates - Paper Doll Templates

The Enchanted Gallery also has several sheets of rubber stamp doll parts.
(these can be found toward the bottom of her rubber stamp page)

These dolls were created from printable collage doll parts
I found on Etsy by: Ceremony.
She has this and other sets available for sale for less than $3 per collection.

This is a fabric covered and embellished paper doll
I found on Etsy by RhondasOriginals

Another fun Etsy doll find is this altered L&B doll
and several like her 

This Jumping Jack Man and several others are
by artist: Lindsey Carr

This was a great idea I came across while web browsing.
Articulated dolls were created from Holiday on Ice program images
by Atelier Cheri.
To learn more and see a few other examples click here.

Rubber Stamp doll parts based on the L&B Ballerinas.

This doll was created using rubber stamp images 

Examples of dolls made using Character Construction Stamps
dolls were created by Laura Haviland

There are so many paper doll part options available on the Internet, not to mention books from the library or fun bits of clip art you can scan or download to create your own artistic articulated doll.  Here are just a few of the images I've found and intend to eventually use to create some fun Paper Art Dolls.

Examples of Victorian Scraps 

Hands for a doll

Fans make a great skirt

Made by L&B for their Ballerina and Prima Donna Paper Doll line
Optional legs and arms if a doll needs them

Vintage Bodice

Shoes are a fun accessory to give your doll.
To get a left and right shoe just print one this way and then flip the image
to get the other shoe unless you want the feet to go in the same direction.

Have fun imagining the possibilities.

Grins and Giggles,
Evelyn (EKDuncan)


  1. Love your collection. I have been trying to refurbish old images for general use--I come out of art and toy theater making (where the old dolls are sometimes characters), which makes me a mixed media character, too! I just posted a public domain set of jumping jacks which was shared from an old postcard but had been pixilated half to death from massive sharing of a jpg image. It's now a good size, brightly colored picture on the Toy Theater page. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful images!

  2. Forgot to give you my link! My website is: and my mixed media section is: Have had a lot of fun. I am teaching myself GIMP because I have become a big believer in open source programming. I used Paint Shop Pro for the longest time because it's easy and less complicated but they force me to upgrade every other year or it stops working.

  3. Thanks Tess - I'm so glad you are enjoying the artwork and images I've posted. I enjoyed seeing your "Toy Theaters" on your site - what fun!

    I love toy theaters and have posted about them a time or two here on my blog. I don't have a lot of space for collecting or making paper theaters so I do the next best thing and create something similar digitally.

    My favorite part of the toy/paper theaters right now are the curtains. I'm in the process of digitally altering some in my collection and should have them up on my deviantart account in the next week or so at

    I'll also be posting some great paper curtains from Ackermann's Repository here as well in the near future to keep checking back.

    Grins and Giggles,

  4. I love making new paper dolls. Mixed Media gives me so many new creative ideas. Your article is an inspiration for me. Great job! You must get these amazing doll stencils, I have been using. You'll like them!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post Anoosh. Thank you for including the link to the doll stencil book. I always like finding new sources and the book "Mixed Media and Collage Doll Stencils" by Altered Upcycling you have recommended looks most interesting.

      It reminds me of an old doll stencil set I have in my collection which part of it can be seen on other post at The doll stencil outline is down toward the bottom of the post under the heading "The Modern Approach" and then a few spots below that is an example of an Enchanted Gallery doll. The Enchanted Gallery offers several free download paper doll templates on their site at