Sunday, August 29, 2010

My First Steampunk Creation - but not my last!

I think I'm starting to get a feel for Steampunk and here is my first creation.

Steampunk Pendant I created from parts and pieces.

I purchased a bag of old watch parts from Ornamentea a local bead store here in Raleigh, NC to add along to a bunch of small watch part wheels and cogs I already had on hand in my crafting treasure box of goodies. Then I went through my junk jewelry box to see what old thing I might have that would create a great base for a Steampunk piece and there it was...  a marcasite pin/pendant with a broken cameo on the center. (It's moments like this, that I'm glad to be a pack-rat because that base really made this piece what it is.)

I started off with a partially intact vintage ladies watch movement 
like this one and a box full of cogs, gears and pieces.

It took a  few tools, some Amazing Goop glue, and a whole lot of patience;
but I think the watch part assemblage was worth all the effort in the end.
I'm glad I had some extra watch part rubies in my mix since they made the piece "pop".
(the piece looked good at this stage, but it just needed a bit more.)

Here on the finished piece you can see where I added additional
watch part pieces to pull everything together. I even added sprockets to the bail.

Currently this piece is my favorite jewelry creation and I will wear it as a way to fly my Steampunk flag.  (I created it on Friday night, wore it for the first time on Saturday and already I've had people stopping me to look at it and talk about it. - What fun!)

This project has also revisited the treasure hunter in me so, I know it's time to check out the local thrift stores for old broken jewelry parts and pieces I can use as a base for future creations.  Creative recycling sure can be energizing and I'm looking forward to my next Steampunk creation.

Grins and Giggles,
 Evelyn (EKDuncan)


  1. I'm glad you like it. I had a blast creating it and now I'm constantly lurking through my local thrift stores in search of items that will make a great base for another Steampunk Treasure. Grins and Giggles, Evelyn

  2. I just want that box of stuff! :) LOVE it!

  3. Ya, I love that box of goodies too.

    I've been lucky enough to have a great shop in Raleigh NC that carries a huge assortment of watch parts in bags priced at $5.00 for small parts $25 for small and med parts and then if you are willing to spend $90 they have bags with 1 pound of watch parts.

    The even sell whole watch movements individually and they come mixed in with the $25 and $90 watch part bags.

    The shop is called Ornamentea and here is their website link.

    I've also purchased some of my watch parts from Sky Blue Pink. at

    They have $3 and $10 bags that are full of great little watch part treasures.