Monday, October 4, 2010

Antique Images of Tudor and Elizabethan Times

I've been watching the HBO series The Tudors over the past several years and this year was the final season;  So I was thrilled to locate these great antique Tudor and Elizabethan images for my collection.

 King Henry VIII

  King Edward the VI - son of King Henry VIII by 3rd wife Jan Seymour

Queen Jane Seymour - One of Henry VIII's Wives

Queen Elizabeth - (Daughter of King Henry VIII) when she was older

 Sir Francis Drake - Privateer for Queen Elizabeth

 Sir John More - Father of Sir Thomas More

 Anne Boleyn - Queen and 2nd wife of Henry VIII

Jane Seymour - Queen and 3rd wife of Henry VIII

Young Queen Elizabeth - Henry's Daughter by 2nd wife Anne Boleyn

 Queen Mary "Bloody Mary"- Daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
She ruled about 5 1/2 years then Queen Elizabeth took the crown.

 Sir Walter Raleigh - Explorer & Privateer for Queen Elizabeth

 Sir Thomas More - was Part of King Henry VIII Court as Chancellor

Queen Katherine Parr - Queen and 6th wife of Henry VIII

 Queen Catherine of Aragon - 1st Wife of Henry VIII

 Lady Jane Grey - the 9 day Queen (King Edward VI left her the crown in his will she was executed for treason she was followed by Queen Mary and then finally Queen Elizabeth)

William Shakespeare - Famous writer during Queen Elizabeth's reign

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