Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's that Witchy Time of Year - Witches and Witch Hats

I'm getting ready to create a few Halloween "Witchy"  pieces and need to colorize a few of the images I wanted to work with before I can get started.  Since I'm trying to learn Photoshop I thought this would be a great time to try and colorize my images digitally rather than printing them out and doing them by hand.

(Please keep in mind that I'm new to working with Photoshop so these are fun experiments for me.)

 I added some color to the original in Photoshop to give the image a more "Witchy" feel.
 I added Orange to her hat and lace, a Purplish cast to her clothing and Green to her eyes.
 Her face, hair, hands and hat feathers have also been colorized.
Click HERE to see the original image from a previous post before I colorized it.

I like her hat so much that I wanted to use it for one of my projects, so in Photoshop I got rid of everything but the hat and then I did a bit of colorizing so I had a few quick printable options.  Now I have a quick and easy accessory I can resize and print as needed to use with my paper art doll creations.

Original Witch Hat - Black

Colorized  Witch Hat #1 - Orange

Colorized Witch Hat #2 - Purple

I also need to change the color on some of my antique articulated paper doll parts for one of the projects, so I digitally altered the color on one of the dolls as well.

 I changed her bodice to Orange, her eyes to Green and I made the Legs a darker Black.
 I've also given her a bit of purple eyeshadow for the fun of it.

Here are the original scanned pieces for comparison.
These paper doll parts are from my personal collection and are over 100 years old

I still have a bit more scanning a coloring to do and then it's on to creating 2 fun projects I'll share with you soon.

Grins and Giggles from Gobblinville,


  1. I love all things witchy and steam-punkish like your great site. I can't wait to make some papery, wonderful witches. You are soooooo inspiring. I can't wait to see it all.

  2. Hey Dor - Thanks for all the kind words and I'm glad you are enjoying the posts on my blog.

    I'm on a "Regency" kick right now but I'm sure that will be followed by some "Victoriana" images which I'm sure will inspire more Steampunk items as well. Then Halloween will be right around the corner and that means more witchy art too.

    I might even combine the two for a Steampunk witch theme - ya, my "muse" is liking that a lot.

    Grins and Giggles,