Saturday, October 23, 2010

Purple Witch - If the Broom Fits...Ride It.!

My favorite witchy saying: "If the Broom Fits...Ride It!" was the inspiration for this project.

This wall art witch was made from several digital images that were 
printed, cut and assembled to create this Halloween project.

I started by digitally altering the color on one of my antique paper dolls 
and finding digital images that would work together.

 The original doll head has a pink bodice and I wanted a purple witch.

 Using Photoshop, I changed the bodice to look more purple. 
I made her eyes a bit greener and gave her some purple eyeshadow.

I used the same black legs and arms from a previous witch doll.

 A Purple Witch Hat, complete with black cat.

 A fun Broom for her to ride.

 And a Spooky place where she might take flight.

 I sized my items and printed two copies of the following layout. 
 I printed 2 copies since I needed two "left" arms and legs. 
I also added two hat choices.

The Doll was assembled by gluing all the parts in place.
One large Fan was used on the bodice. 
A large and medium fan were used to make her skirt.

 I then attached the witch doll to the spooky background that was printed with the saying 
"If the Broom Fits... Ride It! on it.

Alternate Hat Option - Purple

  Witch head with hat option #2

 Witch head with hat option #3
This is the same hat from option 2 with all the frills cut off.

Grins and Giggles,


  1. *girlish squeal*
    She's perfectly posh and utterly suited to her surroundings!
    So adorable!

  2. Thanks Rose - I love playing with these Victorian dolls and when I have a bit more time I want to "Steampunk" a few for an extra fun challenge.