Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great Sites on the Web for locating Images

I've enjoyed posting about digi stamps and how you can use great images with your rubber stamps.  Now I want to share some of my all time favorite Web Sites for locating images to use when I'm crafting. 

There are so many cool images available out on the Internet if you just know where to look.
Many thanks to all the great folks out there who post quality images so we fans can use them!

One example from Art E-Zine 

One example from Clipart ETC 

One Example from Karen's Whimsy

One Example from Magic Moonlight Studio

One Template Example from Mirkwood Designs

One Example from NYPL Digital Library
I used the search box with the word "Dance"
this one was on page 3 of that search

One Example from Reusable Art

Two Examples from The Graphics Fairy
Left and Right Wing found on the Angels and Fairies Category

One Example from The Vintage Moth
I found this one under "Women" in the Labels section

One Example from Web Gallery of Art
I found this one by doing a search under Title of "Queen"

I found this one on the second page,  after clicking (next 200)

These websites are full of thousand and thousands of great images and I never get tired of pulling them up to see what I can find.  I hope you find some gems too.

Grins and Giggles,

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