Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Great Architectural Buildings that can be use as Digi Stamps

In my previous post Digi Stamp Background - Mixing Rubber Stamping and Digital Images; I used a great vintage image as a Digi Stamp with some real rubber stamps to create a fun stamped scene. 

For the next several days I'll be posting images from my collection that could be used as Digi Stamps to create other great rubber stamped scenes.

 Buildings from my Architectural collection that I thought would make great Digi Stamps. 

 I thought this one would be a great hut for a tribal scene of some type 
or for an ancient civilization like a Viking or Saxon village of old

 Ancient Rome type ruin that is a bit different since it has stairs in front of it

 Roman Arch with a bit of scenery around it

The same arch by itself

  Italian building that would work great on the edge of a scene

 Elaborate Building interior

Buildings in Pisa

Gothic Country Cottage

 Temple Ruins


 Ancient Viking Tower

 Temple Building - Italian or Greek

I have a thing for ancient building and monuments and thought any of these images would work great as a Digi Stamp in a rubber stamped scene.  I love the fact that by using a Digi Stamp image I can alter the size or flip the image if I need it to be facing another direction.

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