Monday, December 6, 2010

Beaded Christmas Pendants and Earrings

Bead Art is one of the crafts I like to tinker with from time to time. I enjoy creating fun Christmas Jewelry to wear and give as gifts. While, taking pictures of these earrings and pendants; I couldn't help but think what a fun party pleaser it would be to decorate a small tree or wreath with hand made ornaments, earrings and pendants then have your guests choose a treat as their Holiday gift.

Here are a few of the items I have created just for the fun of it.

 Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings.
I like to make these in a variety of colors. Some I make on earring wires and others on 
loops so they can be earring charms for my hoop earrings.  
These could also be made as singles and hung as a pendant on a chain.

The Flamingo Pink Trees are to celebrate my Mom being a Breast Cancer Survivor.
It's been 15 years since her diagnosis and treatment and she's still going strong.
Love You Mom!

Christmas Tree Earring - Close up
These trees are made with the following Swarovski Crystal Beads:
4mm crystal cube - base
12mm Margarita bead
10mm Margarita bead
8mm Margarita bead
6mm Margarita bead
3mm Bicone bead - star

This particular tree was done with a bead color called "Vitrail Medium"
and looks like this
One Margarita Bead in Vitrail Medium
The Margarita Bead is shaped like a flower which makes it great for creating the trees.

 The difficult part is getting all 4 sizes of the Margarita beads in the same color.
I've had lots of luck with getting mine from ArtBeads
I like the fact that they have lots of color choices in all 4 sizes.
I used their Rose ones to make my "Flamingo" pink trees and
I'm considering getting some blue ones for a "Blue Christmas" set.
Fun, Fun and more Fun.
And if you want a larger pendant tree in Crystal or Vitrail you can add a 5th 14mm bead.

Larger 5 Tier Tree
This is what a larger tree looks like using the Crystal AB beads
it has 5 levels of Margarita beads including the 14mm on the bottom.

 Along with Trees I create Faeries, Dragonflies, Angels and Snowmen. It just depends on what beads 
and jewelry findings I have on hand or can easily buy as to what I create

Some of my beading supplies 
Beads, tools, wire & wings; with 3 finished Dragonflies and 2 Angles/Faeries in progress.

An Assortment of Beaded Pendants.
The larger snowmen are made from really cool snow textured Beads I lucked up on.
There is an angel made from pearl beads and one from blue crystals.
There is also a large green scalloped drop that looks like an old-fashioned ornament
which I made by recycling the bead off a broken pair of antique earrings.

I just find it fun to mix and match colors and shapes to see what I can come up with.

Here are two projects I recently found on the web that I want to try next.

 Christmas Tree Lights

Another Version of a tree.

Grins and Giggles,

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  1. This is really rare art that i normally search the web for. I liked your art very much. I also came across some beautiful Christmas Charms with wonderful designs. Hope you will like those too. Keep doing your good work.