Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hand Carved Thread Spool Santa - Vintage Find

While I was on Christmas vacation, I was wandering in some quaint shops in Seneca, SC and came upon some interesting vintage thread spools that had been carved with Santa faces.  I thought they were cute at the time but seeing as they had been turned into key chains, I didn't buy one.  Only after I got back home did their images keep going back through my mind and now I wish I had purchased one and turned it into a tree ornament.

Oh, well that is the way it goes sometimes...so I got on the web today to see what I could find on hand carved Santa thread spools and was surprised to see so many options out there for me to choose from.

 I just loved this eBay find - hand carved by Gayle Roush

 This is the top view of the above Santa - showing the vintage thread label.

This fun thread spool carved Santa is by Bayou Creations

 This Carved Santa on Thread Spool is by Touch of Color Knowtes

 And then I found a great page showing how these are carved.

 Step by step as a Santa Face is carved.
By Barbara of Touch of Color Knowtes.
Click HERE for link to see step by step instruction on carving a thread spool.

The Finished Santa by Barbara of Touch of Color Knowtes.

I just might have to give this process a try in 2011.

 Grins, Giggles and Happy New Year!

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