Monday, January 24, 2011

Bringing New Life to Old Artwork - Digitally

My new goal for 2011 is to create more digital artwork as I learn to use Photoshop.  I started by purchasing a whole series of digital applications from ScrapGirls a few weeks ago and today I had a chance to work with some of those products. 

I decided to use one of my Rubber Stamped scenes from 2010 that needed a bit of dressing up to see what I could come up with.

 I digitally matted and framed one of my rubber stamped scenes.
Wow - what a difference this made to the original artwork!
The Stamped Scene was done using Stamp Francisco Rubber Stamps.
The Background and Frames are digitally done using items from ScrapGirls

This was the original rubber stamped scene. 
It just looks like it's hanging out there waiting to be finished off.

This scene was created using the masking technique and 12 rubber stamp images
Most of them are from the Bartholomew's Ink line except for the staircase with balcony 
and the wood floor ( I created those two items and they are part of the SF line of stamps.) 

Once all the images were stamped I colored the scene with pastels and decorative chalks.


Most of the ScrapGirl items I purchased were Victorian or Steampunk in look 
so I thought I'd try giving this same stamped scene a Steampunky feel even though 
the scene itself did not seem suited to that look.  
This was a challenge and since I can't seem to resit a good "let's see if I can make
this work" moment...  I went for it; though it took a bit of playing, adding and changing
for me to finally get it to work out.

Click HERE for the post that shows all the great ScrapGirl purchases I made;
some of which were used to create these digital enhancements.

 This was my first attempt - but the two just did not seem to blend well.

 Next I digitally changed the background of the stamped scene to help it blend in 
with all the Steampunk additions; however it still just did not look complete.

Finally I threw in one more embellishment and a super frame which 
seemed to really help anchor everything together.

I have to say that the additional digital add-ons for both the first one I posted at the top 
of this blog page and this final Steampunked version make a huge difference 
over the original unframed stampart, which goes to show that sometimes more is better.

 Grins and Giggles,

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