Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Digital iPhone Art of Lake Keowee

I had taken a few pictures on my husbands iPhone while we were at Lake Keowee for Christmas and decided to see what kind of fun art I could come up with using a scene of the lake and my new iPhone photographic applications.  I purchases several using an iTunes card I got for Christmas.

 Lake Keowee - Digital iPhone Art by EKD

This is just a fun process I call "Mobile Art".
It's just a new way for me to be crafty on the run 
when I'm away from home and still want to play.  
The iPhone is my canvas and the lovely 
array of photographic apps is my pallet.

 Here's how I did it

This was the original iPhone picture I took from the master bedroom's
sitting room looking out onto Lake Keowee (Dec 24, 2010).

I started by opening Photo FX - the second icon on the bottom.
(it was one of several photo apps I purchased with an iTunes gift card)
Click HERE for a link to Photo FX (an iPhone application)

 Once I opened the app, I uploaded my picture.

Then I decided to use one of the Cool Pro-Mist settings
and choose Cool Pro-Mist 6.

I adjusted the Brightness and Blur.

 This gave the original photo a slightly frostier feel.

Next I added another Layer
I went to Grades/Tints and selected Sunset/Twilight

I went with Sunset 2

Then I made a few adjustments to the color filters.

 I was finished using the Photo FX application and saved
my photo at this stage of production so I could continue in another app.

 I opened the Pic Grunger application on the iPhone.
Click HERE for a link to Pic Grunger (an iPhone application)

 I uploaded my altered Lake Keowee photo and 
choose the Aged Effect.

Once I made my selection I had other options to alter
the Style - Strength or add a Border.

I liked the way the grungy scratches hid surrounding elements of the picture
but it was a bit harsh so I adjusted the Strength down.
This way the photo only looked slightly aged and not quite as
distressed as the previous screen showed.

I then selected and "After Hours" Style.

 I was done using the Pic Grunger app and saved 
this rendition of the photo so I could continue on with the next
application I wanted to play with.

 I opened the PhotoStudio App and
loaded the "grunged" version of my Lake Keowee photo.
Click HERE for a link to FX Photo Studio (an iPhone application)

 I added a Color Lens of 188 - Lilac Lense
Color Lenses - was an option I choose to purchase for an additional charge
so I would have more choices with my PhotoStudio App.

 Then I adjusted the contrast a bit.

I added another layer by selecting
179 - Crosspro 1 in the Cross Processed Category.

 I like the way this gives the effect of a sunset
with the pinkish glow in the middle and blue to the edges.

 So far this is what my photo looks like. 
I could probably stop here but I was having too much fun
adding layers and decided to do a bit more.

 I decided to add in the 
140 - Stardust Frame.

 This frame reminded me of Christmas Twinkle lights.
I adjusted the amount of them down a bit so as not to overpower the shot.

 I then added Vignette 3 to soften down the edges.

 It is a subtle change but I think it makes a difference.

 This was the final look when I was done using the PhotoStudio app.
I saved this back to the iPhone and went on to another app.

 This time I opened up Photogene.
Click HERE for a link to Photogene (an iPhone application)

 I selected a frame and chose a soft rounded black edge.

 This caused the twinkle lights to become less pronounced and
blended things out towards the edge of the photo.
I saved this version of the photo and moved on to add some text.

TypeDrawing was the next app I went to.
Click HERE for a link to TypeDrawing (an iPhone application)

 I typed in the text I wanted over the photo.

I selected the font style and size I wanted,
then turned the vary size by speed off.

 I selected White Text.

I used my finger to place the text across the bottom of the photo and
saved it when I was done. 
The photo seemed a bit dark by this stage of the game so I used one more app.

 I opened ColorBlast - the second icon with the red rose.
Click HERE for a link to ColorBlast (an iPhone application)

I adjusted the Exposure on the picture to get the new result;
changing the look from dreary to magical.
(I got to this screen via the last icon at the bottom)

This was the final rendition of my Christmas vacation photo.

And this was the original picture...what a huge difference

It took a small arsenal of iPhone photography apps to create my piece of iPhone digital art; however, I have to say it is quite fun to learn what the various applications can do and to see the radical changes you can make in a photo by adding layer upon layer.

I'm one of those who like lots of "tools" to play with; however with just a
few phone apps it's possible to create jazzy iPhone photo art of your own.
I hope you give it a try.

Grins and Giggles,

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