Wednesday, January 19, 2011

iPhone Digital Art using ColorBlast and ColorSplash

I had a tough time deciding between two interesting photography iPhone color apps, so I bought them both and had a bit of fun with one of the Christmas  pictures we took at the Keowee lake house last month. 

Both ColorBlast and ColorSplash automatically change your photo to Black and White and then allow you to bring a pop of color back in where you want it.  There are slight differences in the two programs but both work great and are fun to play with.

This is the ColorBlast picture I created; where I put color back into all the 
Christmas related items and made the background a sepia tint.
(ColorBlast allows you to change the unpainted areas to a selection of tints rather than 
having to keep them just as Black & White)

This is the ColorSplash picture I created;
where I put color back into all the Christmas related items 
and the background stays B&W

 This was the original picture in full color

Here is how I created the photo using 
the ColorSplash App
 I opened the ColorSplash App - The first icon with the Apple.
Click HERE for a link to ColorSplash - an iPhone application

 When you upload your photo it automatically turns it to B&W
Then you use can restore the original colors to whatever portions 
of the picture you choose to give that pop of color.

 I choose to restore the original colors to all the Christmas items.
It's simple, since all you need to do is select Color at the bottom of the iPhone screen and then use your finger to move over the areas you want the color restored.
To change an area back to B&W, select Gray at the bottom of the screen and move your finger back over that area. 

This was the final ColorSplash result.

 Here is how I created the photo using 
the ColorBlast App
 I opened the ColorBlast App - the second icon with the red rose.
Click HERE for a link to ColorBlast - an iPhone application

Like the other application; ColorBlast automatically changes your photo to B&W.
You can then restore the original color where you want.
Your finger is still the paintbrush; however there are a few coloring tool options
to help you with this process (I like the spray paint function).
You then have the option of changing the tint of the unpainted portion
instead of just having a B&W backdrop.

To change the background tint, select the lower left icon

 Sepia Tint

Cobalt Tint
 Green Tint

Purple Tint

Red Tint

Once you select a background tint you can adjust its tone using the Hue and Exposure settings (by selecting the last brush icon on the bottom of the screen)  to create just the right mood for your shot.  ColorBlast also lets you adjust the color saturation as you work by selecting the greenish rectangle at the bottom of the screen.  Using the Hue and Exposure settings can also help you quickly change colors of an item.
ColorBlast is a fun application with lots of diversity.

This was my final ColorBlast creation of this scene.
I liked the warmth the sepia background gave and the pop of Christmas color 
distracted from the how cluttered the area seems when it is in full color.

Another great thing about ColorBlast is that by adjusting the Hue and Exposure
you can change the color of an item in the shot.

 Here is my original picture; which
I will zoom in on the Santa Hat only.

I colored in only the Santa Hat
so that it is back to its original Red and White color.

 When I tap the last bottom icon,
it opens up the Hue and Exposure feature.
This mid-range setting leaves the hat in its original color.

 Moving the Hue setting to the right changes the hat to green.

Moving the Hue setting to the left gives me a blue hat and
I also tweaked the exposure to make it a bright blue.
When I zoom out you see everything is black and white
except for the now Blue Santa Hat.

Then if I change the color saturation, this introduces all the original color
back into the photo except for now I have a Blue Santa Hat instead of a
Red Santa Hat that was in the original photo. Fun!

If I could only have one of these applications I would go with ColorBlast;
since it seems to allow me to do so much more with my photos but seeing as I
have both it will be interesting to see what future updates may latter
appear for both of these applications.

Grins and Giggles,


  1. Wow - what a great demonstration! Impressed with the review.

    1. Hey Cosmic Twig - Thanks for letting me know you liked the post. I think it's fun to be able to create art using the iPhone and there are tons of amazing apps out their to play with. I hope you give it a try.