Monday, January 17, 2011

My First Digital Creation using an iPhone

There are times when I'm traveling and want to craft but don't have any art supplies with me; so I was intrigued when I read an article in the Autumn 2010 Somerset Digital Studio Magazine by Nettie Edwards, titled: Designing Digitally with your iPhone...  Naturally I swiped my hubbies iPhone, downloaded the necessary applications and started to play away.

This is my first digital iPhone art creation.

And here is how I did it.

 I started by taking a photo using the iPhone (3GS)

Then I opened the PhotoStudio Application - the first icon listed.
(All the icons you see here are the photography applications 
I purchased so I could be creative on the go).

 This is what my iPhone screen looked like after I uploaded my photo.
I then selected the FX icon up top.

 I scrolled through all the effects available and started by selecting 
163 - Vignette White 2

 I really liked the way the cloudy effect masked 
the doorway and the chair while highlighting the fireplace.

 The next FX layer I added was under
Categories - Color Fantasy
3 - Lemoore

 Here again this option continued put the emphasis on the
fireplace and hid the images to the side.

Next I added an Overlay of Water
 I really like adding layer upon layer and watching a image change. 
I thought this Water Overlay gave a ghostly fire effect, so I went with it.

I then selected  Texturize option 133 - Rusted Metal 2
 I adjusted this layer down low so it did not overpower 
the scene yet still added a fiery glow.

This is what the image looked like when I saved it; 
however it still needed a little something so I opened up another
applications to give it a final touch.

One thing about iPhone Apps is that many of them are one pony shows, requiring the use of several different applications to create a final project.  My first project was fairly simple and only required 2 applications to complete; however the more complex creations I've seen others create take 4+ applications.

Photogene was the next application I went to 
(the third icon on the top)

 I uploaded my saved altered photo and then added in 
a subtle black frame to finish my new creation off.

 I saved this final rendition as my first
altered iPhone digital artwork.

I'm having a blast playing with these applications and hope
this will inspire others to use their iPhones to create some fun art.

Grins and Giggles,

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