Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! - Angel of Love Digital Art Project

Happy Valentine's Day!

I decided to create a fun piece of digital art complete with an "Angel of Love" to celebrate this special day.

May you be blessed with a lifetime of Love.
Digital Valentine's Day Card by EKDuncan 2011

I'm use to creating art dolls with paper an scissors but now;
I'm able to assemble one in Photoshop as well - "Grins".

This project allowed me to put into practice some new Photoshop skills I recently learned;
by altering a variety of images and re-assembling them digitally to create my
"Angle of Love" - Valentine's Day Digital Art Card.

And here's how I did it!

The angels wings and hearts are actually made by digitally altering a 
glitter mask image I purchased from  

I used the middle green and gold mask as the base for the wings and hearts in my project.
In Photoshop I changed the color of the mask and then I cropped out certain portions and digitally manipulated the image in several different ways to get the two sets of wings and the hearts.

The Victorian Lady image was also purchased from 
I took the png file of the Blue lady I purchased, removed the background and altered the color to be more of a mulberry using Photoshop.  This was done by adding an adjustment layer and altering the Hue/Saturation settings till I arrived at a color I was happy with.  I used the Blue lady for this process since I could single out the "cyan" value and get a dress color change without effecting skin and makeup.  I did have to change her eye color manually when I was done with the dress color.  I also erased the skirt below her arms.

 Bell Flower image also was purchased from
Botanique 12 - sheet of flowers
 The Angel skirt was created by using one flower image, from the bottom of the sheet -  3 times on each tier of the skirt and widening and elongating each tier as I added them to the image.  The flower was cropped so that only the "bell" was used and the color of the flower was adjusted in Photoshop to get a color to match my angels bodice. On each tier of the skirt, I've used the "Free Transform" mode from the "Edit" menu to slightly rotate the the flowers at each edge so they tilt outward and the center flower of each tier was left in the straight down position. I also layered the 3 flowers so the center flower was on the "top" layer of each row.

"Angel of Love"
"Angel of Love" by EKDuncan 2011

This is the finished doll once all the PaperWhimsy elements
were altered and put together in Photoshop.

 I used a great curtain background I found on
Curtain_04 by LunaNYXstock on 
 I altered the color of this curtain image in Photoshop
so it would work with my digital scene and I place
three manipulated hearts as accents.

Several great digital images and lots of hours later I had my finished work of art.


How I was Inspired
 I was inspired to create my project based on the incredible artwork of Rande Hanson.
I spotted this great angel on the site durring Christmas and loved her use of elements.
 You can see more of Rande Hanson's creations on her blog - for link click HERE
And on the PaperWhimsy Inspiration pages - for link click HERE
Thanks for the inspiration Rande!!!

Thanks also to PaperWhimsy for offering some great products
to create with and listing so many cool and inspirational pieces on your site.
Click HERE to see the great PaperWhimsy Products available.
Click HERE to search the PaperWhimsy "Inspire" section full of great ideas.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other fun products and creations they will be listing in the future.


Detailed Photoshop
"Stage Creation Tutorials" by EKDuncan
and follow-up tutorial

Grins and Giggles,


  1. oh Evelyn, your angel is gorgeous!!! The color is yummy wonderful, and perfect for a Valentine. And thank you for the mention. :-)

  2. Thanks so much Rande!
    Your work truly does inspire me; it's awesome
    and I look forward to seeing what you will create next.

    PS - I loved your work in the Autumn 2010 Somerset Digital Studio! I hope to one day find the clip art for that Steampunk cog wheel, it's so cool. (or maybe you'll design a pack of them for PaperWhimsy - hint, hint) ;-)

  3. The angel is lovely! I wondered how you made the skirt and the flower petals are perfect, and very creative. The wings are really stunning!

  4. Thanks Chris - I've loved playing with paper dolls since I was a little girl and one of my favorite things to do is create fun skirts. Fans and Flowers have to be my all time top pick for this.

    The Idea for the wings came from Rande Hanson's Christmas angels. I was thrilled to come up with my own rendition of using the PaperWhimsy glitter mask to create my set of wings based on what I had seen Rande do with her angels.

    I hope you give it a try too!

  5. Evelyn, This is beautiful!
    Love it.

  6. this is asolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Rande's pieces and tutorials have been wonderful tools to get one going in PS and it looks like you've mastered it already. Way to go Evelyn! Linda

  7. Thanks Theresa and Linda.

    Yes, Linda - I'm a big fan of Rande's work. I have not taken advantage of going through one of her tutorials yet; so I'll probably give that a go this week and see what fun new tips and tricks I can pick up from her.

    Grins and Giggles - Evelyn