Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lady in Frame - EKD Digital Creation via Photoshop

I'm having a blast collecting Brushes, Styles and png files to play with and
slowly... I'm learning Photophop in the process.
I've spent the past few days trying to understand layers and various functions in the layers palette as well as expanding my skills by creating png files with transparent backgrounds.  I know it will take a very long time to master Photoshop and all its potential; but so far it's been a lot of fun with a tad of frustrating mixed in.

EKD - Lady in Frame

This project was created with 4 elements
  • The Lady - which I colorized in Photoshop
  • Curtain Image - which I made a darker blue, gave it a satin effect and changed the opacity to 69%
  • Stone Room Image - The background in which all the others were added to.
  • Frame image - I changed into into a png and made the background transparent.
(See further down in post for more details on where to get these images)

    The Lady Image

    Engraved Art Print from 1865 by H. Bourne, London 
    based on the painting "Suspense - A Highland Lass" by Alexander Johnston

    I colorizing the image in Photoshop

    I then removed the background and created a png image. 
    This allows the background to remain transparent when I go to use it. 
    This is Color Version #1 which I used in the final project.

    I started to play around in the layer using the Hue/Saturation tool;
    (found when you click the half moon symbol at the bottom of the layers palette)
     to create other color combination by just sliding the bars around a bit. 
    What fun!

    Color Version #2
     I altered the original colored image to get this
    Green color combination.

    The Process
    In Photoshop Layers Palette
    Create a New Fill or Adjustments Layer (the half moon symbol)
    Select - Hue/Saturation
    Edit: Magenta
    Hue:  +128
    Saturation:  -67
    Light:  -73

    Color Version #3
    I then altered the above green image to get this Gray/Blue Version

    The Process
    In Photoshop Layers Palette
    Create a New Fill or Adjustments Layer (the half moon symbol)
    Select - Hue/Saturation
    Edit: Greens
    Slide the bottom slider along the greens till you get to
    51/81 degrees    110\140 degrees
    Hue:  +180
    Saturation:  +2
    Light:  0
    Edit: Reds
    I left the slider at the bottom where it was
    Hue:  -16
    Saturation:  +15
    Light:  0

    Now I have a collection of this image in a variety of color schemes.


     OK - back to the Framed Lady Project

     Framed lady by EKDuncan

    My First Layer was the Lady

    Backdrop N.3
    My Second Layer was this blue satin background
    but I did alter it a bit in Photoshop I gave it a deeper blue  color.

    Backdrop N.3 is by "dying-soul-stock" on deviantart.com
    Click HERE for the full sized download of Backdrop N.3
    (there are also 3 other colors of this backdrop available)

     I placed the image into the Layers Palette and
    squeezed the image closer together to bunch up the folds.
    I then selected the fx option at the bottom of the layers palette
    The Satin layer style was chosen.
    Under "Structure" at the Blend Mode I clicked on the 
    Black box and changed the color to a medium grade slate blue.
    (This layer gave added texture and color to the below image in the final project.)

    BG-30 (Architectural Element)
    I added this amazing Background next.
    This became the back or base layer for my project.

    BG-30 is also by "dying-soul-stock" on deviantart.com 
    click HERE for the full sized download to BG-30
    (there are many more amazing backgrounds so check them all out)

    Note - "dying-soul-stock" referenced that partial credit for this image 
    also belongs to "menticide-Art", also at deviantart.com.
    (I think a texture by her may have been used to create the above image).
    Click HERE for a link to "menticide-Art" images

    With all my layers in place I was ready to frame it up.
    Art Nouvea Frame 01
    I made the background transparent and saved it as a png
    file so it could become the perfect ending to my project.

    Art Nouvea Frame 01 is by "goth-stock" at deviantart.com
    Click HERE for the full sized download of Art Nouvea Frame 01.
    (While you are there check out other cool images available)

    I'm happy with this project as a stand alone piece of digital art; however I think in a smaller size it would make a great element on the wall or on a fireplace mantel in a room scene.  I see myself building more elements like this and hope to eventually use them in a bigger scene.
    Only time will tell.

    A special thanks to
    "dying-soul-stock" - "goth-stock" - "menticide-Art"
    at deviantart.com for sharing you cool artwork and finds.

    I love browsing deviantart.com for inspirational ideas and for collecting 
    amazing images, brushes, styles, textures and so many other cool odds-and-ends.
    It's like being a kid in a candy store!

    Till Next Time

    Grins and Giggles,

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