Thursday, March 3, 2011

A New Me in a Fantasy Setting via the Magic of Photoshop

Yup, I'm still playing around in Photoshop.  This time I was learning to do a variety of photo manipulation tricks and chose to give myself a new look.

I'm one of those people that does not take a good picture, and as I get older the 
snap shots seem to need some additional help.  
So, I opted to give myself a virtual makeover in Photoshop just for the grins and giggles of it.  
Then I figured since I had a new look I'd place myself in a virtual photo as well. 

 Here is my Glamour Shot - A Photoshop Fantasy twist on Reality.

I like to read historical romances, including fantasy ones with Fae Folk (Fairies - Faeries).  
Anyway you spell it these mystical creatures are enchanted with "Glamour" 
which allows them the power of illusion.  
For this project I was able to create an illusion of something from bits and pieces;
to claim a little of that "Glamour" for myself.  
What Fun!

I started with a photo of myself that I thought would be good to work with and then
started the digital transformation into the new "glammed up" me.

 I used a variety of tools in Photoshop to clean up the photo.
Blur - Clone - Erase - Liquify and the Healing tool were the main ones.
These allowed me to even out my skin tone, get rid of blemished and
small lines as well as make my face a bit more oval in shape than round.
I also removed the books behind me and the necklace I was wearing.

This was the touched-up me version.
Well that definitely took 10 years off  -  if it were only that easy for real.

 Oh well on with my bit of fantasy.

 I was having so much fun that I decided to glam myself up a bit in the process.
I enhanced my features by adding more distinctive eye makeup and
plumped up my lips a bit.  I figured, Why not!

 I gave myself great false eyelashes and heavier eye makeup,
with these great brush downloads from

The upper eye lashes ( I used 2 overlapping each other)
Eyelashes Brush Set by Falln - Brushes at
click HERE for a link to the free download

The lower lashes I used was
Eyelashes Photoshop Brushes by redheadstock at
click HERE for a link to the free download

The smoky eyeshadow brush I used was
Eyeshadow Brushes by redheadstock at
click HERE for a link to the free download

When all was put together I had a new "Enchanted" me.

In the final Make-Over I have heavy eye makeup, blush and new fuller lips.

For my lips I created a new layer of the original photo and got rid of everything
but my lips.  I then used the "warp" function to reshape my lips on this duplicate layer.

Next I created a fun setting to finish off my fantasy vacation.

I used several of my favorite digital images, the new me and my cat Gigi.

Bavarian Window
by bomont at
click HERE for a link to the free full sized download

I erased out the background and used it as the ledge my kitty "Gigi" is laying on.

Butler House Keyhole window from the Zilker Botanical Garden.

Photo by MerlinsMoonShadow at
click HERE for a link to the full sized free download

I erased the view from the window so I could place
my stained glass creation behind it.

 The top layer of my stained glass window.
The setting was Normal at 44% opacity
opacity the background below shows through.

Crystal Window is by Granymede 105 at deviantART
click HERE for a link to the full sized free download

This is the base layer for my stained glass window and
the bottom layer off my Photoshop project.
The setting was Normal and 100% opacity

BG 30  is by dying-soul-stock at
click HERE for a link to the full sized free download

 The images for the Cat, Dragonfly Pin and The Vintage Lock with Key
can be found at my EveyD account at

Gigi - My Back Cat
I flipped her in the other direction and tucked her a bit behind me in the final scene.
click HERE for a link to larger download of this png file

Vintage Lock & Key
I rotated it an used a bit of "warp" on the original image.
click HERE for a link to larger download of this png file

Dragonfly Brooch
I love this vintage Deco Jeweled image and thought it would be fun to pretend to wear it.
click HERE for a link to the larger download of this png file.

 This is what the background looks like when I'm not in the picture.
I used a bit of "warp" on Gigi to stretch her backside out a bit,
it gave a fun flare to her fur.

Finally I wanted to frame it up and added.
 Gold Frame png
sorry, I don't know where it came from I've had it for a while.

I think the end effect has a bit of a witchy feel to it.
This was so much fun!

I hope you have enjoyed my latest Photoshop adventure and give it a try yourself.
I had a lot of fun giggling over the process as I did it.

Grins and Giggles,


  1. Beautiful job! You were lovely even before your enhancements!


  2. Thanks so much Cathy.

    I like the "witchy" look since it's fun to become someone new and exciting even if it is only for make believe.