Monday, April 11, 2011

Flowers in Her Hair - A Fun Digital Art Creation

I was re-flipping back through the Autumn 2010 issues of Somerset Digital Studio the other day and really enjoyed looking at the images that showed digitally created hairdos with flower images.  It just looked like a fun thing to do so I thought I'd give it a try and see what I could come up with.  

I'm still new at creating digitally with Photoshop and found this attempt quite a challenge.  It's not bad for a first attempt but I know I have a long way to go for achieving the look I truly was going for.
FYI - Helmet Head wasn't really what I had in mind.

We don't always achieve happy result when we attempt new things; so even though she's not all I wish she could have been, I wanted to post her anyway to encourage others to make that first attempt. We all have to start somewhere and should embrace our creative attempts - flaws and all - this is how we learn and grow.

I kept adding layer after layer of flowers on my image, till she was covered in a cap of roses and buds.  Then I added several more fun images till I created this "Flowered Astrologer".
Most of the images I used to create this scene came from PaperWhimsy.

I started with this lovely lady as my base.  I removed the background and part of her funky hair, then I colorized her and turned her into a png file so the background area would remain transparent.
(see my previous post Pretty in Pink to see my Photoshop tutorial on colorizing images.)

I used this great curtain image by PaperWhimsy around my lady.

 I used these PaperWhimsy Stars to for some extra fun in the background.

I used this texture-10 by PaperWhimsy as my background 
and for extra color on my gold frame. 
For my frame I added this as a clipping mask layer and set the color mode to 
Color Burn- Opacity 93% - Fill 60%
This pulled a bit of the turquoise color into the gold frame to tie everything together.

I used these roses Botanique 05 as a group and individually in her hair.

 I used these blossoms Botanique 06 individually throughout her hair.

 I used this Zodiac chart as part of my background. 

This is the gold frame I used to finish off my piece.
Frame is by Madam M at
Click HERE for her collection of  antique frames.

Put it all together and this was my finished project.

Here is another version of her
This was an alternate version where I kept her wild hairstyle 
and only gave her a partial crown of flowers.

 I'm not sure which I like best so I thought I'd show both versions for the fun of it.

I think I was having issues with the wild hair and probably needed a larger assortment of flowers and other items to create a fanciful floral hair replacement artsy look I've seen other artists achieve.  I hope to one day revisit this post so I can show you an updated attempt, once I hone my skills a bit more.

Till next time...

Grins and Giggles,


  1. Hi
    I just discovered your blog and it's fantastic!!!
    I love all those images!!
    Thankyou for sharing.

    Jayne :-)

  2. Hey Jayne - I'm so glad dropped by and are having fun on my blog site. I love to share so there is no telling what I might blog about next.