Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gothic Wonderland - Digital Fantasy Scene

I've been having a bit of fun creating a fantasy scene digitally in Photoshop.  This was done using lots of layers, textures, an old church engraving, photo of clouds, an old map, some Japanese paper, a great image of a cloaked girl and some magical butterflies.  Add several hours of manipulation and this is what I came up with.


Gothic Wonderland by EKDuncan 2011

This is the list of images used to create this fun scene.

I started with this old engraving of a Church Bay.
The windows were made to be transparent and I saved it as a 
png so the windows would remain so.

I duplicated the png twice more to create the side panels.
I used the Edit - Transform - Perspective function in Photoshop
to give the side panels the visual effect of becoming a real room, 
then used Edit -Free Transform to widen those walls out.

This map of England became the sky of the room
I wanted my room to have a unique ceiling and thought it would be fun 
if it was more like the old ruins that are open to the sky; however 
I wanted to have more going on than just clouds in the air 
so I used this map of England to be my "sky".

I used this funky Asian pattern to create my tiled floor
This Asian patter looked like an intricate floor tiles to me,
so I used it as the base of my Gothic Flooring

Edit - Transform - Perspective  and then 
Edit - Free Transform
was used to shape 
both ceiling and floor.

I used the following Textures to give more interest to the project.
multiple texture layers were used on most surfaces.
Also a variety of opacity and blending mode settings were used in
Photoshop to arrive at the final results.

 I used this brown texture on the floor
(web find from a long ago - sorry, source unknown)

This Bluish Frost on Glass texture was used on the Floor
and for the Sky/Ceiling
(web find from a long ago - sorry, source unknown)

 This Gray Brown texture was used
on the walls and for the Sky/Ceiling
and also on the bench
(web find from a long ago - sorry, source unknown)

 This sky texture from webtreats was used behind the windows

This aged book paper from emptycanteen at
was used to age the bench behind the girl along with the
the gray brown texture listed above.
(I've posted the image here, but it looks as though that dA account is no longer active)

Glitter 01 from ASStock at
was used over the butterflies to give them extra "pop"

 The Girl and Bench came from SBG-Crewstock at

The dark pewter frame from Madam M
Antique Frame Pack 1 at
was used to finish off my piece

 The butterflies came from PaperWhimsy's

Hybrid Elements  - Star 02 png set

Many thanks to all those who post textures and elements on the web for us to play with,
their just so much fun!!!

 Grins and Giggles,

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