Friday, May 20, 2011

Dare to... be Unique - Digital Scrapbook Page

Dare to... be Unique was the next page I put together with my EKD "Old World Charm"
themed digital scrapbook papers and embellishments. 

EKD Dare to... be Unique digital scrapbook page

The lovely subject of this page is my special and "unique" niece - Zoe.
This was my all time favorite baby picture of her and though she is far from being a baby now; I could not resist creating this page using that image. (I did colorize the black and white photo so that it worked better with the background and embellishments).

Here again all the embellishments and paper are EKD Originals.

This page was created using the following elements.

EKD Pink Dazzle digital scrapbook paper background
I wanted something that had an "Old World" antique look but also with a bit of dazzle 
and really liked the way this background incorporated both objectives. 
This digital background paper was created in Photoshop using a variety of  images,
textures and color blending modes to arrive at this final look for my page. 

EKD - Antique Coral Brooch digital element

The main embellishment was this great antique coral brooch I had a picture of; so I did some Photoshop magic to clean it up and turn it into a PNG embellishment.  
If you noticed I reversed the middle image of it on the page to make it stand out just a bit so it too would be "Unique"

EKD Antique Frame from my "Old World Charm" digital collection
I collect antique and unusual frames and could not resist scanning this one so it could become a digital embellishment in my EKDuncan "Old World Charm" collection.

The upper portion of the frame had a portion of the background paper from my previous post  I altered the color of that cream background paper in Photoshop to better work with this new page.

I love digital scrapbooking since you can use elements over and over, as well as change their colors as needed to work with you other page elements.  That's what I call economical and open to artistic interpretation - the best of both worlds.

Word Art from my "Old World Charm" digital collection

EKD Word Art
I created a series of Word Art as part of my "Old World Charm" collection and one of the things I choose to do was separate out statements with "..." so that a larger combination of phase possibilities could be combined.  
I may even eventually create full alphabets for both these fonts, just for the fun of it.

I hope you are enjoying my "Old World Charm" digital series and hope you check back to see what the next page will be.

Till next time...

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