Sunday, May 29, 2011

EKD "Old World Charm" - Extras and Fun Vintage Finds

Part 7 - Extras and Fun Vintage Finds to go with my EKD "Old World Charm" digital collection.
I had so many fun and wonderful vintage items in my personal collection that I thought to include this sheet of "Extras" as part of the "Old World Charm" series.

Extra items in my "Old World Charm" digital collection

 I collect vintage photographs like Cabinet Cards and CDV's as well as any that
come with a cool mat.  I've made several great purchases recently and thought 
they worked great with my "Old World Charm" digital collection;
so I've added them in for the Grins and Giggles of it.

I Hope you Enjoy them!

Vintage "Extras"
coordinate with my "Old World Charm" digital collection

A great vintage Deco photo mat
in brown and gold

I was fortunate enough to find two vintage First Communion Photos
recently in a local antique store and had to add them to my collection. 
This lovely lady is from 1931

I took the mat from the girl above
and altered it in Photoshop to get another look that
I can now use digitally with any other image as I choose

This is the other First Communion Photos I
recently purchased at a local antique store. 
This lovely lady is from 1929

This digital frame was created in Photoshop by
altering the above 1929 photo mat

Another antique store find - A great photo in a great mat. 
I just love the lady's clothes, hat and the fact that
she wears glasses, it's all too fun.

Now the above digital mat can be used with any image.

Vintage CDV German photo

Another German CDV from my collection

One more CDV photo from Germany

A Tag Embellishment I created in Antique Blue

A Tag Embellishment I created in Moss Green

A Tag Embellishment I created in Dessert Rose

Bonus - Title Bar
I used this title bar on post

This bar allowed my word art to keep from getting lost on the busy background page. 
The color is so light on this piece that you can use a clipping mask in Photoshop
to change it to a different color if you need to.

A French doll in my "Old World Charm" colors.
I love collecting antique paper dolls and could not resist making
at least one doll embellishment to go along with this collection

This is what the Original antique French paper doll looks like
This type of paper doll was called by the French a "Pantin" Jumping-Jack Puppet

A great vintage Deco brooch to add some bling

I hope you enjoy the extra bit and pieces 
to add in with the rest of the  "Old World Charm" digital collection.

Please remember to check all the other May 2011 posts
for the entire series of "Old World Charm" items.

The Images in this collection are sized for digital scrapbooking. 
If you like these items or use them please leave a comment or link back 
to my blog so others can join in the fun. Many Thanks!

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  1. Visit the following blog from the Netherlands to see how the French Jumping Jack doll posted above was used in a whimsical New Years creations.

    Great job Ida!