Thursday, May 26, 2011

EKD "Old World Charm" - Word Art Set for digital scrapbooking

Part 4 - Word Art Set from my EKD "Old World Charm" digital collection

A sampling of Word Art
from my EKD "Old World Charm" digital collection

Welcome back to those who have been following along; and for anyone new who has just stumbled on this post, I'm glad you are here!  This is part 4 in a series of posts showing digital scrapbook pages I've created using this collection and the various digital papers, embellishments, word art and templates I've created in Photoshop.  So don't forget to check the previous and the upcoming posts to make sure you see the entire Photoshop creative journey I've taken that I call my "Old World Charm" digital collection. 

I've labeled all these posts "EKD Old World Charm digital collection", so you can go to the Labels tool bar to the right of my blog page (you have to scroll down just a bit to see it). Then select that label choice and you will get all the posts for quick and easy viewing.

Today I'm continuing with Word Art for my "Old World Charm" digital scrapbooking collection.
I created these worlds and phrases using 2 different font styles that I thought worked well together and enhanced their look with two Photoshop "styles" I created for added interest.   I tried to come up with a few simple phrases and words that tied into the theme and that could be mixed and matched for diversity in digital scrapbook layouts with the other items in the series.

Word Art
from my  EKD "Old World Charm" digital collection

I like to substitute an interesting object for a letter on occasion.
  For example the "O" in Old can be substituted 
with a round item that has a similar look.

Alternate title with the Pocket Watch in palace of the letter "O" in Old

Other words in the collection can be used to complete the statement

Anther starter to use with other words and complete the phrase

Thanks for dropping in and checking out the latest
installment in my "Old World Charm" series.

I've still got more to post so keep checking back to see
what else is part of the collection.

 Till Next Time...

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