Saturday, May 21, 2011

Experience... Exciting Adventures - Digital Scrapbook Page

Experience... Exciting Adventures is my third digital scrapbook page using some of the items from my "Old World Charm" digital collection.

Experience... Exciting Adventures scrapbook page using elements from my "Old World Charm" digital collection
 I created my "Old World Charm" digital collection so that it can be used in a variety of ways and was not just limited to vintage photographs and images.  Here is a selection of items I used to scrapbook my hubby Geof on a recent vacation to view the waterfalls in Helen Ga. 

To create this fun page I imported three pictures into Photoshop two of the waterfall and one of my hubby taking a break on a big rock.  I situated the pictures where I wanted them on my digital layout and then used a speckled brush tool to remove parts of the photos so the scenery blended into my background paper.  This gave the illusion that Geof is sitting very close to the falls, which in reality was not a possibility.  I thought it was cool how even the tree he is leaning against blend perfectly into the background paper.  

Once I had my pictures and background blended I added in the other elements.

For the above page I used the following
"Old World Charm" digital collection elements.

EKD Antique Green Explorer digital paper for background
As I was creating a variety of backgrounds for my EKDuncan Original digital scrapbooking collection; I wanted to make sure I had a good variety of backgrounds so that more masculine
or modern layouts could be composed and that was what inspired this background paper.

Later when I created the above layout of my hubby I was amazed at how perfect this paper was for those pictures. This digital background paper was created in Photoshop using a variety of images, 
textures and colored blending modes to arrive at the final product.  

Framed compass embellishment from my "Old World Charm" digital collection
This compass was created in Photoshop by combining several independent elements from my 
"Old World Charm" digital collection to arrive at a new element with a coordinating but different look.  
It has the internal watch movement from another embellishment in the collection, the compass image that is seen at the top right corner of the background page and a funky frame I scanned; to which a great multi-colored texture I created was added for a fun effect.  

That's another great thing about scrapping with Photoshop you can add layer upon layer, 
change colors and get a whole new look using what items you already have.

Needle for the above compass - optional
I created an optional needle to use with the compass.  
I did not use it in my above layout but I did want to show that one was created
to work with it just in case I ever want to use it.  

Creating the needle as a separate item gives me the versatility to use it 
when and where I want and in whatever size I choose to have it.

EKD Word Art

Word Art from my "Old World Charm" digital collection
I used these two items from the Word Art portion of my 
"Old World Charm" digital collection.

The word art portion of the collection was done in such a way the the words or phrases can be used alone or in combination with others so that a variety of mix and match phrases can be used.

I've got one more page example to post and then I'll share the whole collection 
so you can see the whole shooting match of what I created in Photoshop 
that I've been referring to as my "Old World Charm" digital collection.

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