Sunday, May 22, 2011

Magical Places "Las Vegas" - Digital Scrapbook Page

About once a year I'm luck enough to travel to a fun location and so far I've had the fortune of traveling to Las Vegas twice - once for business and once for pleasure, so I created this digital scrapbook page to show two of my favorite Vegas views.

EKD digital scrapbook page of "Las Vegas" using items from my "Old World Charm" collection
 I love to watch the water display in front of the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas 
and even when the fountains are not going the view is still pretty amazing. 

I created the background paper and the embellishments for this page.
They are part of a larger body of work that I have dubbed my
EKDuncan "Old World Charm" digital collection.

Here are the elements I used in this digital layout.

EKD Antique Blue - digital background paper from my "Old World Charm" collection
I created this digital background paper to have a distressed damask fabric or wallpaper look to it.  This was created in Photoshop using an image that I altered and then added a variety of textures and colorized blending layers.  I've created a few other versions of this so that I have a large assortment of background pages that work well with each other in my "Old World Charm" digital collection.

EKD two-tone antique paper badge
digital embellishment
 This digital embellishment was created from a scan of a vintage
Dresden gold foil embossed paper scrap I have in my collection.
I altered the image in Photoshop by adding in the blue portions to help
it blend in with the background paper above.

This touch of glitz helped to give some extra sparkle to my "Vegas" spread

EKD antique metal corner digital embellishment
from my "Old World Charm" collection

I created this embellishment by scanning a brass corner I had and then adding
a texture layer in Photoshop to give it a more aged look.

EKD - Antique Frame digital embellishment
  part of my "Old World Charm" collection
This is another great antique frame from my personal collection;
it just barely fit on my scanner and it took about 10 tries to get it scanned in.
I adore vintage frames with all the elaborate engraving and
the patina that metal gets with age.
This is one of my top favorites.

EKD Fancy Gold Key
digital embellishment
  I love keys for some reason; I'm just attracted to them so it was second nature for me to add a key or two into my EKDuncan digital scrapbooking collection.  I purchased this plaster key at an antique store for $2 and lucky for me it fit on my scanner so I could turn it into this nifty digital embellishment.  The real key has some nicks and chips in it but thanks to the wonder that is Photoshop you would never know it.

EKD Word art from my "Old World Charm" digital collection
I created this phrase in Photoshop along with all the words and phrases currently in my digital scrapbooking collection.  I used 2 font styles and two Photoshop fill styles I created myself to design the look you see in all the word art pieces in my "Old World Charm" digital collection.

When creating the word art I kept a word document listing what fonts, what sizes and what Photoshop fill styles were used and where; so I could later go back in and recreate or make additional words or phrases as needed later on.  I also kept a Photoshop psd file of each of the two fonts with all the layers so I had a visual reference, in case I need additional help later on in making more word art for this collection of EKDuncan digital supplies.

I've found out the hard way to document what I do in Photoshop as I do it
because 2 or 3 months down the road there is no way I can remember all the steps.
Better safe than sorry.

I hope you are enjoying seeing what I'm creating in my Photoshop journey of discovery.

Next time I'll give you a peek at all the items I've created so far for my
EKDuncan "Old World Charm" digital scrapbooking collection.

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