Saturday, May 7, 2011

Old World Charm - Digital Scrapbook Page Celebrating My Mom and Her Spanish Family

Here is a digital scrapbook page I created in celebration of my Mom and her heritage for Mother's Day.

My Mom (Magda) as a young girl with her Family in Spain

 All the items used to create this page are EKDuncan Originals.
So they are one-of-a-kind pieces to celebrate a one-of-a-kind Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

These are the various items I created in Photoshop 
to put my page together.

EKD "Old World Charm" Background Paper
This is the full view of my background paper.
I created it by combining a variety of images, textures and colored blending modes.
I wanted something that looked very old European with a fresco wall or
cracked stucco texture to it and was very pleased with this look though it took
a bit of trial and error to get it right.

I see myself using this background quite a bit with different color overlays on it
and maybe and additional texture layer or two.
That's part of the fun of Photoshop - build, add, change, alter...

EKD Modified Pocket Watch Embellishment
One of my embellishments is this antique looking pocket watch.
This was created in Photoshop by using a picture of the watch
then I removed the background area behind the wheels and cogs
and replaced it with the image of an old map.
I also added jewels in red and green
where most of the screws in the piece appeared.

I also removed the background surrounding the watch and turned it into a PNG file.

EKD - Old World Pocket Watch Frame
This is the same image as above but I removed "the works" so
I could use it as a fun frame for pictures.

 Fresco Frame from my EKD "Old World Charm" digital collection
 This frame is a digital recreation of a frame I own.
I scanned, cleaned up the image and removed the necessary areas so I would have a great PNG for using in my digital art pieces.

EKD Old World Charm Word Art
I created a series of Word Art to go along with my other items.
In the final version of this layout I replaced the "O" in Old with the antique watch for a more interesting effect.

I had a blast creating my own background papers and embellishments
and have created a whole series which I have titled "Old World Charm".

I will be posting several more layouts with the parts and pieces I created that are part of the series so please check back in to see what other fun items I've put together.

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