Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Asian Domino Art Choker - Sharpie Polished Stone Effect

I'm honored to be a guest designer for Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps during the month of June and today, using their stamps I'm going to show one of my all time favorite craft projects... Domino Art!

For those who are not yet aware - Scrolls Works is having an amazing close out sale and their remaining inventory is 50% off the original price.  Many images have sold out; however there are still some great stamps available for purchase - so don't miss out and grab them while you can.

I was searching through my collection of Scrolls Work stamps to see which images were still available for sale and decided to continue with my Asian theme for this "Domino Art" project.

Asian Domino Art Choker using Scrolls Work  rubber stamp and Sharpie pens
 One of my favorite stamping projects is Domino Art.
I find it very relaxing to make these miniature works of stamp art and by creating a 
polished stone background with Sharpie markers it is also a quick and easy process.

I designed the whimsical Asian Domino Art Choker with a large domino for the center bead 
and then strung some fancy crystal and glass beads along with some 
silver dragonflies and bell shapes on a bit of memory wire.  

This fun piece of wearable stamp art was quick and easy; 
it took me less than 2 hours from start to finish. 


supplies for creating the polished stone background
For this project I drilled my domino with a rotary tool to create the center bead in the necklace; 
however I've also glued on bails or beads to my dominos in the past to create pendants.
So, don't let that stop you from giving it a try.

The Polished Stone background on my domino was created using
Sharpie pens, 91% rubbing alcohol I put in a small spray bottle and some felt pads on a 
dauber tool (mine is by Tim Holtz) and I cut the felt pads from felt sheets I buy at the craft store.

I quickly clean my domino with alcohol to prime the surface; 
then I scribble with the Sharpie pens so I have good color coverage across the top.   

 Next I lightly spritz a clean felt pad with alcohol and then 
daub and twist the pad over the top of the domino.

I do this till I get a background I like.  
If I accidentally remove too much color I add more Sharpie pen and repeat the process.  
If I don't like the background I can quickly clean it all away with alcohol and start fresh.

Once I have a background I like I stamp my image with Black StazOn ink.

The image I used for this project is a great Asian word stamp "Kanji - Imagine"
from Scrolls Work Stamps and is still available, whole supplies last.

I find the Polished Stone effect on dominos makes a great background
for all kinds of word stamps.

 Most of the time I edge my domino art with a black chisel tip Sharpie pen.
Then I seal the top and sides with matte Mod Podge to give the domino 
a bit of wearable durability.

I wear a lot of my Domino art pieces on a simple cord but occasionally 
I add a bunch of beads to make a statement piece like this one.

Here are two more examples of Scrolls Work stamps in my Domino Art.
These I've edged with a gold leafing pen, just for a change of pace from my usual black border.

It's fun to play with various Sharpie color combinations and stamp images.
These two dominos have not been drilled so I will later glue a bail on them 
and use them as pendants on a black cord.

The left domino has a fun Asian script and Ginkgo leaves.
(both of these stamps are currently available at Scrolls Works in the Asian Antics section)
The Asian Script "Letters of Artist" is in the of Words and Text
The Ginkgo Leaf is in the Plants section under Asian Antics.

The right domino has an Asian poem and the word Wish.
(both of these stamps are also currently available ate Scrolls Works stamps while supplies last)
The Asian Poem is under Words and Text in the Asian Antics section
The word "Wish" is from "The Word Is" - Collage Words section.
It is from the Mini Collage Words Set and these tiny words are super for domino art.
(don't miss getting these if you do domino art other mini art projects)

I have no idea what the Asian words of the poem say but with a word like 
Wish or Love or Hope from the mini collage word set;
I can make it represent whatever I want it to be.

This is my Scrolls Work stamp spin on "Domino Art" and now
I have 3 great Asian art pieces to were this summer.

I hope you give it a try too.

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