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Gardens and Landscapes from Ackermann's Repository

My previous post was for a series of digital scrapbooking background papers I created using various
garden and landscape scenes I found in Ackermann's Repository; so I decided my next  
Ackermann's series would showcase many of the wonderful landscape and architectural 
scenes that were printed between 1809 and 1828.

Every issue of Ackermann's Repository included a large number of hand colored plates to accompany the articles found within it's pages.  There were regular features that could be expected in every issues such as the fashion and furniture plates; and then there were a variety of other series such as gardens or popular London streets that would grace the pages for a certain number of years, till another series was thought of to replace it.  Some of my favorites were the hand-colored garden plates, that were really about architectural elements for the garden area. I've even included an actual Ackermann's article for one of the fountains at the end of the post for the grins and giggles of it.


A Pretty Garden view as shown in an 1820 issue of Ackermann's Repository

 Ackermann's Repository had a Garden theme running from 1819 - 1821
and these are the colored plates they included in those issues.
(the first one is actually from an earlier 1816 issue)

Gardens and garden designs were a popular interest in the Regency period so I'm sure many an Ackermann's reader enjoyed following their "Hints on Ornamental Gardening" series .

Here is an example of a description included for these plates.
Description of the Dolphin Fountain
Here is the Ackermann's article for the Dolphin Fountain.
This show it is a continuation of the "Garden" series and it references a
previous months issue for those who wanted to keep up with the series.

I think it's fun just to see what was considered fashionable for the garden during
the Regency period; however I also enjoy using images like these for digital art projects.
Either way I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

Please  - Join me again next time for more antique art prints from Ackermann's Repository.

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