Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Masquerade Ball - Regency Era Story from Ackermann's Repository

Ackermann's Repository usually had several short stories in each issue and with it being the month of October I thought this story about a Masquerade Ball would be a fun one to share with all of you who have been following along with my Ackermann's Repository series.

Ackermann's Repository is such a wonderful reference into what the real Regency world was like.  I just love all the little tidbits that can be found in it's pages, so I hope you are enjoying them too.

Regency Masquerade by EKDuncan
  I enjoy creating digital art; so I've created this fun piece using some images from Ackermann's Repository and a fun mask I have in my digital collection to keep in theme of the story I wish to share with you today.

These are the Items I used to create "Regency Masquerade"

 I removed the background from the original fashion plate and created 
a png image I could use as I wished. A mask was added to my lady
in the finished artwork;  so I saved her both ways for a fun bit of variety.

Click HERE to see the original image and the other fashion plates from 1827

1812 Grand Staircase at Carlton House - from Ackermann's Repository
This is one of those huge fold out, hand colored prints that would 
appear on occasion an Ackermann's Repository issue.  

Many of the Regency romances I read talk about the sweeping staircases that the guests 
encounter at balls so I thought this would make a great backdrop for my Masquerade Lady.

The frame used to finish off the piece came from Madam M over at


This short story appeared in the November 1828 issue of Ackermann's Repository.
(Series 3 - Volume XII)

I hope you enjoyed this fun little look into the reading entertainment
of those who lived in the late Regency period.

Please join me again later for some more fun bits and pieces 
from Ackermann's Repository.

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