Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Regency England - Interior Views - Ackermann's Repository

For the most part Ackermann's Repository depicted landmarks and places of notice from 
the exterior; however on occasion an interior view was shown in its issues.

If you've ever wondered what the saloon for the private boxes at Covent Garden Theater looked like in 1810 or what Polito's 1812 Royal Menagerie was like; here's your chance to see how Ackermann's Repository depicted them to an inquiring Regency public.

Mr Blade's Showroom of Ornamental Glass

Here is the accompanying article from Ackermann's Repository

Here are the other interior views as shown by Ackermann's Repository

1810 - British Museum - New Gallery

1810 - Covent Garden Theater Saloon to Private Boxes

1810 - Royal Academy - Somerset House

1811 - Auction Mart Coffee Room

1811 - Carlton House Conservatory

1811 - Grand Salon at Auction Mart

1811 - Whitehall Chapel

1812 - Carlton House Great Staircase2

1812 - Polito's Royal Menagerie Exeter

1813 - Ackermann's Library

1813 - Gothic Bed Chamber - Bed Room

1813 - Gothic Conservatory

1813 - Gothic Hall

1813 - Gothic Library

1813 - Gothic Staircase

1813 - Library design

1816 -  Mr Ross' Perfumery Room

 1820 - The Royal Vault St George's Chapel Windsor

1821 - Westminster Abbey for Coronation

1823 - Mr Blade's Showroom - Ludgate Hill

Please join me again next time when we have a look at 
Ackermann's Repository series on London Churches.

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If you have enjoyed seeing these images from Ackermann's Repository 
and would like the opportunity to see and read an original for yourself 
they are are available on line at www.archive.org

Click HERE then choose the volume you are interested in.
You can then see and read them online or download 
them to your computer for future reference.


  1. This was so neat. A picture is definitely worth a 1000 words when its this detailed.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks Sophia - I have to agree, the Ackermann Repository images just blow me away and I'm thrilled to share them.