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Regency England - London Churches - Ackermann's Repository

Ackermann's Repository would publish an article on occasion regarding one of the more popular churches in the London area.  This brief series could be found interspersed in issues from 1810 - 1815.

Each rendition of the major churches was accompanied by a detailed article giving a 
history or the building and a variety of statistical information.

1814 - St Paul's Cathedral - Ackermann's Repository

This was the accompanying article in Ackermann's Repository for St Paul's

The wonder of great churches is that they usually stand the test of time; therefore many of these structures survive to this day and can currently be seen much as they were in Regency times.

More Regency Era Churches of London

1810 - Westminster Abbey

1812 - St Dunstan's Church - Fleet Street

1812 - St James Chapel - Tottenham Court Rd

1814 - St Clement Danes - Westminster

1814 - St Leonard - Shoreditch

1814 - St Paul's Cathedral

1814 - St Stephen's Church - Walbrook

1815 - St Martin's (In-the -Fields)

1815 - Christ Church - Spitalfields

1815 - St John's Church - Westminster

1815 - St Stephen's Chapel & Speaker's House

Please join me again next time when we tour the well known Regency streets of London
as shown by Ackermann's Repository.

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