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Regency Era - Architectural Blueprints - Ackermann's Repository

Ackermann's Repository had a very interesting architectural blueprint series of  illustrations that were published from 1816 and 1817; with an additional 2 published later on in 1821.  They called this series "Architectural Hints" and it was to inspire the beautification process on rural properties.  These include a variety of cottages, lodges, villas and a variety of  other out-buildings.

I believe Ackermann's used their monthly issues of the Repository to see what might prove popular for the book buying public.  This series must have proven successful enough; since in 1818 Ackermann's published a book entitled "Rural Residences Consisting of a Series of Designs for Cottages, Small Villas and Other Ornamental Buildings"  using these images.

The same was true for the Ackermann's Repository "Hints on Ornamental Gardening" series 
(I covered the "garden" images in a previous post.)  
Those images and a few more were published in an 1823 book 
produced by the Ackermann Publishing house 
titled "Hints on Ornamental Gardening: Consisting of A Series of Designs 
for Garden Buildings, Useful and Decorative".   

It just goes to show Mr. Ackermann was a good business man and made money by recycling 
his images and finding a new audience to purchase them a second time round.

Gothic Architecture had a resurgence in the Regency period as shown with this 1816 conservatory.

Here is the article that accompanied this lovely print 
in the July 1816 issue of Ackermann's Repository.

More Beautiful Images from the Ackermann's Repository series:
"Architectural Hints"

This is listed in Ackermann's description as a Steward's Cottage

I love being able to have these beautiful image to play with; but I'm most especially thrilled to have the blueprint layout. I enjoy having an idea of what the interior rooms were and how they were situated.  It's just another of those tidbits of information I find fascinating and I hope you do too.

Please join me again as I continue with a treasure trove of more Regency Era images 
from the pages of Ackermann's Repository.

Till next time...

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