Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Curtains Set the Stage - Regency Beauties from Ackermann's Repository

One of my favorite items found in the pages of Ackermann's Repository are the curtains.
(Ackermann's Repository - was a British publications that came out monthly from 1809-1828) 

I have a thing about vintage paper curtains, like the kind you would find in 
Victorian Toy Theaters also known as Paper Theaters or Model Theaters.
They just make the perfect frame to stage a digital scene and I have so much fun creating 
digital scenes in Photoshop; especially using images from Ackermann's Repository.
 (click HERE to see an earlier post I did about Toy Theaters)
As luck would have it there were a large assortment of furniture plates from 
1809 - 1828 in Ackermann's Repository that can be manipulated to give me 
a full stage curtain as seen in the below scene.
My latest digital creation  using Ackermann Repository images
Here I created a fun digital scene using a variety of Ackermann Repository images 
including my beloved ladies of fashion and a great curtain from 1809.

I'll start by posting the items I used to create this scene and then I'll show you how the 
curtain was created and a rainbow of colors I've turned into for the grins and giggles of it.

Items I used to create "Regency Beauties"

I digitally cleaned up and removed the backgrounds from three 
Ackermann Repository Fashion Plates to create these lovely png images.

I used this beautiful interior scene as my backdrop
1813 - Gothic Conservatory - Ackermann's Repository

And I created this beautiful curtain by altering an 1809 Furniture Plate from Ackermann's

A larger image of this and other digital curtains can be obtained 
from my deviantART account

The finishing gold frame can be found on a previous post by clicking HERE
(It's part of my digital scrapbooking collection - "Old World Charm" series


now for

The Curtain

So believe it or not the above pink curtain was created by starting with 
this 1809 Ackermann Repository image of a French Curtain.

The original 1809 Ackermann's Curtain
 I liked this curtain a lot; however I wanted something a bit larger that would cover a 
whole stage; so I duplicated the image, flipped it in reverse.

1809 French Curtain - Expanded via the magic of Photoshop
The Expanded curtain gave me another great look; however to work as a stage curtain I needed to open it up a bit.  I removed the bench and middle drop from the swag to get my final outline.

This is what the original curtains looked like after removing the seat and middle drop

Once I had my final image, I played around and see what color combinations 
I could create for the grins and giggles of it. 

I liked them so much that I've posted them to my deviantART account at

 Here are a few of fun color combinations I created using
this one 1809 Regency curtain image.


Pink Chocolate color version

Olive color version

Buttercup color version

Beige and Sage color version

These are just a few of the color combinations I came up with.
More of them can be found on my deviantArt account at
I hope you get a chance to check them out.

I just can't resist playing with all the great Ackermann images; especially the curtains.

I'll be posting more Ackermann Repository curtains soon - both actual images from 
the magazines and then my artistically rendered versions for creating fun digital scenes.
So keep checking back.

To see more Ackermann's Repository Curtain Images click HERE


  1. Wow these are amazing am doing some regency jane Austen itty bitty book pages and these will help me immensely. Also thanks love your blog am now following.

    1. Hi Whimsicalnotions - Welcome as a new follower. I'm so glad you will be able to use some of these great images in your project.

      I love these Regency images by Ackermann's and hope to be pulling a Regency "La Belle Assemblee" series together soon, so there should be more to come.