Monday, November 7, 2011

Regency Ladies with a Curtain View - using images from Ackermann's Repository

I created this fun piece of digital art using a few of the Regency era, 
Ackermann Repository images I've been posting over the past few months.  

"Regency Ladies with a Curtain View" - digital art by EKDuncan 2011

Since a majority of the artwork found in the pages of Ackermann's Repository* are of 
the same style; they work together extremely well to produce any number of digital scenes 
- your imagination is the only limit.  

 *(Ackermann's Repository - a monthly publication from 1809-1828 in England)

Regency Ladies with a View was created in Photoshop using 4 Ackermann Repository images.
A garden scene, a furniture plated depicting curtains, and two fashion plates.

Here are the items that I used

1819 Aviary -  Garden Plate from Ackermann's Repository was used for the background setting.
Click HERE to see more Garden and Landscape Settings from Ackermann's 

1819 Curtains - Furniture Plate from Ackermann's Repository
 Click HERE to see other Regency Era Curtains from Ackermann's Repository

I digitally removed most of the central window area in Photoshop; 
so I would have an open view to place my setting.

This is the png image I created to frame my garden setting.
(More versions of this swagged curtain can be seen further down on this post)

I used two 1813 Fashion Plate ladies to place in my scene.

I removed the background from the original Fashion Plates so I could have 
png images that could be easily dropped into a digital scene.

More Regency Fashion Plates from 1813 can be seen HERE

Ackermann Repository Fashion Plates from 1809 - 1828 are all posted on this blog.
They can be found in my posts for July, August and September of 2011.

I used an Antique paper mat frame from an old Cabinet Card Photo to frame my scene.

I did a little bit of digital alteration using Photoshop to get this final look. 


I'm currently altering a nice selection of "Curtain" images from Ackermann's; and posting 
them on my account so others can play with them too.

A variety of EKD altered Ackermann Repository curtain images 
can be seen and downloaded from  HERE

To see all my full gallery of deviant.ART images click HERE

Here are the colorized versions I've created so far for this 1819 Curtain.

Original Pink Version - Curtain Only png

Aqua/Ocean Blue Version - Curtain Only png

Green Version - Curtain Only png

Peach Version - Curtain Only png

Bluish Purple Version - Curtain Only png

Purple Version - Curtain Only png

Gold Version - Curtain Only png

Gold Version with Double Side Drops - Curtain Only png

I created this version for another project.
This version of the curtain was used in my "Ladies of Regency Fashion
scene which was originally posted back in July of 2011.

One of the many things I love about Photoshop is that it allows you to alter and 
change an image; till you have it in the shape, color and size you need.

Till the next time...


  1. Many thanks for your very interesting and so beautiful blog!

  2. Thanks Sylvie - I'm having a lot of fun with my blog and am glad you are enjoying it too!


  3. I love your blog very much Sylvie!
    Thank you so much for these so beautiful curtains!
    I'll use some of them for my work if you don't mind...?
    I congrate you for your!!

  4. Hi Sim - I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog and love the curtains too. Enjoy using them in your art projects.


  5. Thank you for permission to use your great work, Evelyn! I plan on using "Regency Ladies with a Curtain View" when I post Chapter II of "Mary and Kitty: A Tale of Two Sisters" tomorrow at

    This is a serialized novel about the last remaining Bennet sisters. I will certainly post a link to your site!

    Best wishes,

    1. You are more than welcome Mary.
      I look forward to your blogpost and thanks for the link back,
      it is appreciated.


  6. these are beautiful! can I use the curtain (png) for a non profit Christian web slider?

    thank you :)

    1. Thanks Krazy and yes, that will be fine.

      Best Wishes,