Friday, November 11, 2011

Gothic Temple on the property of Eaton Hall - Country Seat of the Earl of Grosvenor from 1823

I'm still playing around with the images I've been posting from Ackermann's Repository and Curtains are my latest project of choice.  Here is a fun scene I've created using a great curtain -  furniture plate from 1820, a few fashion plate ladies and a wonderful Gothic temple scene from Ackermann's country seat series.

Regency Ladies with a Gothic View by EKDuncan 2011
All the used to create the scene are from a variety of monthly issues of the Regency era publication Ackermann's Repository.  The Frame is a composite of two that I digitized from my personal collection of vintage frames.

I love vintage, paper curtains of all kinds.  They remind me of the ones used in antique Toy Theaters and I love creating scenes with them.  There are times a curtains sets the stage for me and other times I like to use one in a more natural setting as seen here - like a doorway.
(A variety of paper curtains can be downloaded from my EveyD - deviantART account.)

I have a growing collection of Toy Theater curtains and now with the lovely collection of curtain furniture plates from Ackermann's I have full wall curtain plates that I can manipulate digitally to keep or remove sections as needed so I get a variety of looks from the same image.
(Scroll down lower in this post to see the versions I've created using this 1820 Curtain image.)

Here are the images I used to create the scene above.

This can be found on my devianART account at
A bit of Photoshop manipulation change the original Ackermann's Repository curtain furniture plate allowed me to create this new look.  I still wanted the look of a room but I've removed the "window" area so I could have a transparent opening for other artwork and I also adjusted the tone of the piece so it is now a cooler in greys and blue.

(A variety of EKDuncan altered Ackermann's Repository Curtains can be found HERE)
(Other vintage Toy Theater paper curtains can be found HERE)

The original 1820 Curtain - Furniture Plate from Ackermann's Repository
This was what the original Ackermann's plate for the Curtain
looked like before I altered it in Photoshop.

Other Original,Curtain - Furniture Plates from Ackermann's can be seen HERE

These are the Two Regency Lady Fashion plates I converted into png form.

The original of this and other 1809 fashions by Ackermann's can be seen HERE

The original of this and other 1817 Ackermann's fashions can be seen HERE

Gothic Temple on the property of Eaton Hall - Country Seat of the Earl of Grosvenor from 1823

(Eaton Hall and other Country Seats from Ackermann's can be viewed HERE)

I jazzed up the floor area in my scene by using this mosaic digital image.

The Frame for my scene was created by combining two separate images of frames.
Both are from my personal collection of vintage photo frames that I've digitized.

Black Frame

Vintage Gold Frame

These frames and a variety of images can be downloaded from my deviantART account.
For my EveyD.deviantART - Gallery click HERE
For my EveyD.deviantART - Frames click HERE


 I liked the image of the 1820 Curtain so much that I made a few manipulations of it and
posted it to my deviantART account so others could play with them too.

To see my EveyD.deviantART - Ackermann Curtain Collection click HERE

The following images are similar except for some slight color and tonal changes.

I made them in both "full wall" and "curtain only" png format,
to give them a bit more variety on how they can be used.

This is the original image with just a bit of clean up work and the altered window opening.

This is the previous image with the only the curtain and doors.

Blue Version - This is similar to the original; except the curtains are more blue than aqua.

The above "Blue Curtain" version with curtain and doors only.

This is the version I used in my scene. Altered for a cooler look to both room and curtains.

The above "cooler" version with just curtains and doors.

A more neutral "Grey" version for both room and drapes.

Grey version - doors and curtain only
Usually I play around drastically with color changes; however, I enjoyed seeing how subtle changes altered the feel of the image.

I look forward to creating other digital art pieces using these great
Regency curtains and would love to see what you create with them as well;
so if you do create fun new art using any of my images from this blog or
my deviantART account - drop a link for it in the comments section so I can take a look.
(I'd also appreciate a link back from your site to mine as a courtesy if you use EKDuncan images.)

 One talented deviantART artist has already created a fun piece
of digital art using this 1820 curtain.
Her work titled "Hello Little Bird" by motherearth01 can be seen HERE

I hope it inspires you to download some curtains and create a bit a whimsy for yourself.

Till the next curtain rises...


  1. Beautiful all these beautiful curtains!
    And mounting of prints is superb!
    Many thanks!

  2. Thanks Sylvie - I'm so glad you are enjoying all the great Ackermann Repository items I've been posting.

    I'm very partial to curtains so I've spend some extra time to post about them before I move on to other images from Ackermann's.


  3. Thank u so much.. This is awesome...

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it Paulus.
      Thanks for letting me know.