Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waiting for Midnight - New Year's Eve

Another year has come and gone and as we close on 2011 I wanted to create a fun piece of digital art using some of the Ackermann Repository images I've been posting in the last half of this year.

Waiting for Midnight by EKDuncan 2011
Many Regency era balls and gatherings went late into the night and onto the early morning hours; so as we wait up to ring in the new year, my pretty ladies are wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

I celebrate the passing of 2011 as the year I learned Photoshop and started to create digital art.
I look forward to a more exciting 2012 as I expand on those creative skills and add to them.

Thanks to all my blog followers and those who have let me know how much you are enjoying my posts and the images.  I hope you find my posts for 2012 just as enjoyable.

Here are the items I used to create 
"Waiting for Midnight"

Regency Ladies
Fashions for 1827 & 1828

41 of my favorite Ackermann Fashion plates
I took 41 of my favorite Ackermann Fashion plates, removed the backgrounds and created 
png of them so they could easily be used in digital art creations like the scene above 
"Waiting for Midnight". A zip file of them can be downloaded from my deviantArt account 
by going HERE and clicking the download button.

Ackermann's Repository published 2 fashion plates in every monthly issue from 1809 - 1828
and they are all posted by year here on my blog - here are the quick links for them all.

Ackermann's ran series 1 from 1809 - 1815
Ackermann's ran series 2 from 1816 - 1822

Regency Scenery & Curtains

Blue Curtain

I used both the "open window" and "curtain only" images in my digital scene.
This allowed me to add extra "drop shadow" in Photoshop for the curtain portion of the image.
Curtain only - png

Blank window - png

Original Ackermann's 1820 Curtain Furniture Plate
 I love to play and tinker with images so I can use them in my digital artwork.
Here is an example where I took one of the Ackermann Repository curtain plates
and adjusted it to my creative needs.

You can view all the Original Ackermann Repository curtain plates HERE
To see all my post using Ackermann Repository curtains click HERE

The EKDuncan "digital art ready png versions" of the Ackermann Curtains
are on my deviantART account - HERE

Back Room

EKDuncan version of the below Ackermann's Image
I created a room by duplicating and flipping the below image in Photoshop and then
adjusting some color filters to get the look I was going for to add to my scene.

To learn more see my "Create a Room" post on my other blog "My Fanciful Muse".

The Original Ackermann's Furniture Plate

 1824 Regency Clock

EKDuncan version of the original clock
 There had to be a timepiece in my scene so if you look to the very back of the room
you will see a clock sitting on the table against the back wall.

1824 - Ackermann's Repository - Original Image

Framing the Scene

I don't like to leave my scene "hanging" in space so I usually frame them.
In "Waiting for Midnight" the frame is a composite of a real frame and a fireplace surround
from and 1813 issue of Ackermann's Repository.

EKDuncan frame composite
Original 1813 Ackermann's Furniture Plate of a "Smoke Conductor"
If you look real close you will notice the blue portion of this fireplace surround was used
as one of the elements of the frame around the Midnight scene.

The metal frame portion and other real frames from my
personal collection can be seen on my deviantArt account -  HERE

I hope you have enjoyed this last post for 2011 and I look forward to starting
2012 with a few more posts from Ackermann's Repository.

 Wishing you all my best.

PS - to see other fun digital scene I've created using
Ackermann Repository images, see the links below.

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  1. Hello!
    I'm a little late to come read this post, but I'm pretty busy since late last year.
    It's always so nice and interesting! I love when you insert the little ladies in beautiful settings! What a dream!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sylvie -

      Not to worry, my ladies are not going anywhere and
      they are so glad you were able to stop for a visit. - giggles.

      Happy belated New Year to you,