Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dancing Marie #3 - Queen of the Castle

I've created another "larger" digital scene using several of the "Dancing Maries" 
and some great vintage toy theater images.

Two of these ladies you are probably already acquainted with from previous posts and
now there is the 3rd Dancing Marie - making her debut on the far right.

Marie #3 is probably the most "intense" looking of all the Dancing Maries; yet
her regal appearance makes her a stately stand in for the real Marie Antoinette.

Queen of the Castle by EKDuncan

All the ladies in the above scene are EKDuncan altered versions
 based on original French Opera Costumes from the late 1700's.

Dancing Marie #1 (on the left) can be found - HERE
Dancing Marie #2 (center) can be found - HERE

and now for 

Dancing Marie #3

The new dancing Marie is based on this original fashion plate.
It is actually an Opera Costume from the late 1700's.
Original Late 18th Century Opera Costume
Here again I've worked a bit of Photoshop magic to create a png image and
 then created several color versions to create art-pieces with.

Currently I have 5 color choices for this version of Marie.

In her original color combination

Blue and Pink ( I used this version on the Castle scene)

Harvest Colors

Lilac and Gold Skirt

Olive and Gold Skirt

These "Marie Antoinette" inspired fashion ladies are just so much fun to play with.
First - I love to change their appearance and colors in Photoshop.
Second - I love to create a digital stage for them to play on.

Curtains and any Theater looking images are great for creating these kinds of digital scenes
and if you can locate items that have a "period" feel, that's even better.

One of the many things I enjoy collecting are backgrounds and curtains for vintage toy theaters,
and the background and the curtain used in my "Castle" scene are such items.

My "altered" Curtain used in the Castle Scene
I have a whole series of "altered curtains" on my deviantART account - HERE
This particular curtain is a new variation I created by taking a previously altered
vintage curtain and making even more changes to it, till I arrived at this final version.

That's one of the great things about creating digitally - you can just keep
manipulating  an image till you get what you are looking for.

Vintage Toy Theater Background of a Gothic style Castle

I've also made some modifications to the original toy theater background to make it work better with my digital art-piece.  This is what the full backdrop to the finish scene looks like without the curtains and the ladies.  Pretty!


I've got one more Dancing Marie coming up for you before we move
on to other Marie Antoinette styled fashions.  So I hope you drop back by for
Dancing Marie #4

Teaser of the next Marie - Maire  #4 
The Gothic Arch on the above "teaser" is from PaperWhimsy

Till next time...


  1. I was anxious to visit today to see what beautiful Marie image you had for us. Last night I finished reading "Becoming Marie Antoinette" by Juliet Grey and have Marie on my mind. What a tragic series of events in her short life. I also belong to the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group where everything is Marie and French inspired. You have given me several ideas for new pieces with your Marie inspired series. I just want you know how much I appreciate what you do and how you are so generous with us!!
    Have a great weekend Evelyn,


    1. Thanks so much Terri - I've been having a blast playing with all the Marie Antoinette stylized fashions.

      Yes, unfortunately she did have a tragically short life. The girl just wanted a bit of fun but she was a feast for the gossips of her time and then the malicious propaganda messages that were published really did her in where the general French public were concerned.

      The one thing that could never be denied was that the lady had STYLE and I am enjoying celebrating that style with this series of Late 18th Century Fashions.

      I've been teaching myself to use Photoshop this past year so I figured I'd share all my "practice pieces" here on my blog. This gives me the chance to learn, play and share all at the same time.

      I'm so glad so many of you are enjoying my creations and alterations. Thanks for letting me know they are appreciated.

      Continue to Enjoy,

  2. They are so gorgeous- I found you over at Laura`s blog, and am totally in love with your images.
    Can we realy use them free, for creations-I would love to do that- you have done an amazing job.

    1. Hey Dorthe

      Thanks for being a fan of Laura's and for giving my blog a chance.
      I'm glad you are enjoying the images and YES - I've created them so others could create with them too. It's just my way of "giving" a little back into the artistic community as so many other have done as well.

      I would be most appreciative of a link back or a mention of where the images came from should you create some fun art with them and then post those images or if anyone places one of my images on their web page or blog. Since I do put a lot of time and effort into this blog and the items I post; so a small part of me wants to be remembered as these images travel onward through time and internet space. (giggles)

      Happy Creating!

  3. I came to visit from Laura of Artfully Musing and I am swooning over all that I am seeing of your incredible work. I shall be back often. Thank you for being such a generous creative soul. Wonderful Weekend...

    1. Hello and Welcome Createology

      Thanks so much for dropping by via Laura's great blog Artfully Musing. I'm so glad you could visit and are enjoying the posts.

      Many Thanks for taking the time to let me know you like what you see. It's kind words like yours that inspire me to keep at it.


  4. Hello,
    I do not know what to say when I come visit your blog, it's so beautiful! I'm like a child who marvels at beautiful things. Thank you so much to offer such beautiful things, I appreciate it so much.

    1. Thanks so much Sylvie - you always have such kind words for me and it makes my day. I'm glad you are enjoying the new art.