Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dancing Marie #4 - The World is My Stage

Marie Antoinette was one of those rare individuals who's legacy has far surpassed their short lifespan.  Even the fashions of the day are now thought of as "in the style of" Marie Antoinette

During her life she did have some impact on the fashions of the day. 
She spent a lot of money to have "Her" own look which was usually 
over the top, so she was a lady who took center stage wherever she went.

Marie in "the World is my Stage"

Here I've matched up Marie #3 from the previous post along with the new Dancing Marie #4.
Another toy theater background and two more vintage toy theater curtains,
sets this make believe stage for my Dancing Maries.

Dancing Marie #4

This is a most lively theatrical costume from the late 1700's and a bit creepy since the original shows her with snakes in one hand and a wicked blade in the other.  For my rendition of this dancing lady, I've removed both so that she looks a bit less threatening than the original.

My version of the altered dancer in the original costume colors

The Original version of this "Opera Costume" Fashion Plate

These are the other colorized versions I created for Marie #4


Garnet Red

Golden Yellow

Green Leaf

Hot Pink and Green

Pumpkin and Green


Teal and Purple

Now for the Stage

Paper Theater and Vintage Curtain

The main portion of the background was created by first taking the image I had 
of the theater surround and adding in the "full curtain" behind the swagged valance
on the stage portion of the main image.

This created a nice framed stage area and would have been fine on its own;
however I love theater curtains and wanted one more in the foreground.

EKDuncan adaptation of an antique paper curtain
 I did a bit of altering to one of my existing curtains to
give it a slightly different look and brought it front and center.

Put all the elements together and I have my finished piece.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I used some of these lovely old 
"Drama Queens" from the time of Marie Antoinette and personalized them
 to create my own version of "Marie" art.

Till Next time...


  1. thanx a huge bunch for these beautiful dancing maries. i can't do anything with them yet as i am in hospital after a horrendous collision with a monsterously big truck but i will find them very useful to incorporate into my art in a few months time. sorry about all the lower case text but am one handed/armed at present.

    1. You are so welcome Barb.

      I'm sorry to hear of your accident and hope your recovery is quick and complete.

      Happy crafting (when your better).

  2. Hello,
    Incredible! I'm so moved when I visit your blog. I just love the old engravings; your talent makes them wonderful.
    Many many many thanks!

    1. Thanks again Sylvie. I do like playing with my toy theater images and when I get to add in the pretty fashions, it's even more fun.

      I'm glad you like it and thanks for letting me know.

  3. The mounting in the frame (3D) reminds me of an old music box. What warm colors!

    1. Hey Sylvie - I love antique metal frames and this is one of my favorites currently in my personal collection. It was a real deal for $1.50 at a thrift store and just happened to fit on my scanner; so naturally I turned it into a digital image. Now I use it regularly to "frame" my digital art.


  4. Hi Evelyn ~ I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your work ~ your dancing Marie's are priceless! I just posted my newest collage featuring Marie on my blog and hope you'll stop by and check her out at

    Thanks for sharing your talent!

    1. Hi Beverly - I'm so glad you are enjoying the "Marie's" and your creation using one of them is great!!! I love seeing how others use images, so thanks for including a like to it.

      I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season,