Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day - from Marie

This year I've made Marie Antoinette or at least a fashionable
representation of her to be the center attraction on my Valentines Day card.

From Me to You - XOXO
The real Marie was not very lucky at love; 
however here I've given her a "friend"

Here are the major elements for my digital card.

The Valentine "Marie" holds

The images of the above figures can be seen on two previous posts 
along with some other color varieties for your viewing pleasure.

Marie in Red
 Other color variations of Marie can be found HERE

Marie's "friend" in Red
Other color variations of Marie's "Friend" can be found HERE

EKDuncan Original - I created
I created the background using a variety of vintage images and textures.
The French script is from a 1642 manuscript.  
It's way before Marie's time and I have not idea what it says but 
I thought it had a great look and added that French "feel" to the piece.


Wishing all of you a lifetime of Laughter and Love.
Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Your blog is wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much Constance.
      I'm so glad you are enjoying my playground.