Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Marie Antoinette Style" - French Fashions of the 18th Century

I thought I'd step back in time a little bit farther and open up my trunk of
"Marie Antoinette" time period fashions to share.
These fashion plates from the late 18th century (1778-1787).
I can't help but think of Queen Marie whenever I look at them.

This fashion style could also be referred to as Georgian; 
however for me, since these plates are French...
I consider them to be Marie Antoinette Fashions.

For me - "Marie Antoinette fashions" have the distinctive look of being
an elaborate gown with panniers, giving them "wide in the hip" look
as well as the tall and fancy powdered hairdos.

An EKDuncan digital are piece using one of the "Marie's"
I created the above digital art-piece using a great French fashion plate and combining that with a variety of other patterns, designs, old handwritten text and even an oriental rug beneath her feet.
I love taking antique images like the above "Marie", altering them and using them to create new art. It's just so much fun to do!

I can't resist playing with images to see how I can manipulate them digitally in Photoshop.
(It's just one of those quirky, artsy things I do.)
In the case of this "Marie" - I removed the original background to create a png image.
Next I altered her digitally to create several dress color versions for a bit of variety.

See what you think?

Late 18th Century Fashion Plate from "Galerie des Modes et Costumes"
 This is the original fashion plate I started with.

I created my EKD versions by removing the background, making some tonal
and exposure adjustments; then I had a bit of fun with color adaptations.

Here are the "Marie's" I created 

Marie Fancy Fashion #1 - Red

Marie Fancy Fashion #1 - Gold

Marie Fancy Fashion #1 - Green

Marie Fancy Fashion #1 - Peacock

Marie Fancy Fashion #1 - Pink

Marie Fancy Fashion #1 - Slate Blue

I did this same process with a few fashions plates so I could create some fun artwork.
Join me next time to see a fun scene I created using some of these Marie's and "Friends".

Till Next time...


  1. Hello!
    Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh! I love Marie Antoinette!!! Her dresses are so beautiful!

    I have a book that was published in the nineteenth century and which, among other things, the inventory of her wardrobe at the time of his death sentence. Moreover, its "marchande de mode", Rose Bertin, destroyed all the documents relating to purchases made ​​by Marie Antoinette, to protect it. Revolutionaries have greatly exaggerated and the trial of Marie Antoinette was very unfair. It touches me deeply its history.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hello Sylvie, welcome back!

      I could not resist spending a bit of time remembering the great fashions of Marie Antoinette. These outfits must have been difficult to wear but they did make a statement.

      I have many lovely plates to post and as always my own creations using some of them, so keep checking back in to see what will be next.

      I promise to post lots and lots of original plates a bit later on but for my first few posts I had to "play" with several of the pretty costumes.

      I hope you enjoy the this new series.


  2. Hello:) I just found your blog and I love it!!! These "Marie" images are stunning.

    1. Hello and welcome Mary Ann!

      I'm so glad you like the images for Marie #1 - I'll be using her again in an upcoming Valentines Day post.

      I've just launched my new series based on Marie Antoinette style fashions. I have a lot of posts yet to come so keep checking back.
      There are some real fun one coming up in the next few weeks.

      I'm so glad you found my blog and hope you get a chance to browse around my other posts and tell me what you think. If you like fashions I've got dozens on regency fashions from Ackermann's Repository - so give them a peek.

      Enjoy the images!


  3. You did an awesome job changing the colours of Marie's dress Evelyn, it's fun isn't it? Playing around in Photoshop? Really love your sense of history!

    1. Thanks so much Ira!

      Yes, I love playing in Photoshop and am addicted to changing colors. I just can't help myself; especially when the images are as delicious as these "Marie" fashions.

      There's more to come, so please check back and see what
      "Marie's" next fashion statement will be.