Monday, February 20, 2012

Marie in Jewel Tones (Amethyst - Topaz - Aquamarine)

In three of my earlier posts I put in some "teasers" at the bottom to show what the next "Dancing Marie" image would look like.  I thought it would be fun to put the three images together into this "Jeweled Set" just for the grins and giggles of it.

Amethyst - Topaz - Aquamarine

I've taken 3 of my Maries, an old paper theater curtain, a great vintage frame, 
and then a variety of digital images to put this fun piece together digitally.
Amethyst Marie can be found HERE (at the very bottom of the post)
Topaz Marie can be found HERE (at the very bottom of the post)
Aquamarine Marie can be found HERE (at the very bottom of the post)

This is the Curtain I used from my collection of Paper Toy Theater curtains.
 A larger down-loadable version of this curtain and others
can be found at my deviantART account HERE
Topaz Curtain

Each Marie was placed in a funky Gothic style frame and then they
were connected and arranged as you see below.

The Three Jewel Colored Maries in Gothic Frames by PaperWhimsy

These great Gothic frames used to "frame" my ladies are by PaperWhimsy
I altered them just a bit by removing the background area and saving 
a new set of frames only.  this allowed me to use the full image
as the background to my ladies, insert each Marie and then add a top layer
of window frame only, over each.  This "sandwich" effect allows me to get a 
bit more depth by adding an extra layer of "drop shadow" for each.
(I also deepened the colors a bit)

This is what the original frame set looked like

 I also used several great background paper from PaperWhimsy
to create my background and floor in the large framed scene.
PW Antiques 09 - formed one layer of my background
PW Magic Window 01 - is the other layer in my background
PW Harlequin 01 - was used as a base for my floor

The great hinges you see connecting the ladies came from a set of digital images 
I purchased from Scrapgirls -"The View Collection"

The Hinges are hard to see but they are pare of this fun collection of supplies

It's just so much fun to play with bits and pieces till you get an interesting new look.

This was my final creation - now it's your turn (giggles).


I'm going to take a little break here as I decide what direction Marie will take next.

Till then...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Laura!
      I thought creating a triptych with the individual
      elements would be fun, so I did it digitally.


  2. I've happened upon your site. How very WONDERFUL!! I think I'm hooked. :-) Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Welcome WoeNelly - I'm so glad you dropped in and are enjoying the posts. I'm on a vintage fashion plate kick at the moment and will be posting more fun images soon.


  3. Hello,
    Original! Looks like a small screen.
    Yours three-dimensional frames are really beautiful.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Hello to you too Sylvie!

      Ya, it does have that dressing screen look to it.

      Those little Gothic frames from PaperWhimsy are a lot of fun to play with and the first thing I did after purchasing them was to create the "triptych" (tri-fold) image using these pretty Maries.

      Thanks for letting me know you like it.
      - Evelyn

  4. Hi

    Just wanted to let you know that I've mentioned you in my blog post I've not used one of your images but you inspired me to make one of my own. :-)

    Thank you!
    Rachel x

    1. Hey Rachel - I'm so glad you had fun browsing my blog and I'm thrilled that it inspired you to have some fun with your own blog.

      I know just how wonderful it feels to pull out images from your own personal collection and create a new blog look that is your very own. Yours looks great, by the way.

      I have a sister blog to this EKDuncan one; which is

      I've posted several times about changing how my blogs look and showing the images I used to make those changes if you want to take a look at it too.

      I'm so glad my muse could spark your muse. And thanks for the link back to me - it is appreciated.