Sunday, April 8, 2012

1779 Walking Dress and other French Fashions

Today I'm posting 6 French Fashion plates from the 1770's and 1780's
as I continue with my fashion series from the time of Marie Antoinette.

I've also created a digital artpiece using two of those fashion plates as well as a nice selection of PNGs from the 1779 Walking Dress fashion plate in a variety of color combinations.  

I hope you Enjoy!

EKDuncan digital artscene using vintage French Fashion Plates
I created this digital scene in Photoshop using a variety of digital images.
The main lady is one of my EKD altered fashion plates, then on the background wall
I've digitally framed another of the vintage fashion plates.  The table under that is actually from a Regency era 1809 Ackermann's Repository Furniture Plate.
The "wallpaper" is a digital scrapbook patterned paper and the rug was created from a photo. 

Today's selection of French Fashion Plates

Today I've chosen a selection of Promenade or Walking Dresses
from the 1770's and 1780's for your viewing and crafting pleasure.

1776 French Fashion Plate - Royal Promenade Dress
I used this print as the "framed" image in my artpiece at the top of the post.
This is the most formal of today' s fashion plates; however the next 
five costumes are quite lovely too.

1780 French Fashion Plate

1782 French Fashion Plate

1787 French Fashion Plate

1778 French Fashion Plate

1779 French Fashion Plate
I altered this image into a PNG and then had a blast creating a variety 
of color combinations from this original. 

I can't say I'm a big fan of the original color combination for this or a multitude of other vintage fashion plates in my collection.  Many of my vintage fashion plates show some very strange color combinations and it never ceases to amaze me how much an ensemble can be altered by changing the colors.  I thinks this is why I'm addicted to  playing with these images and creating so many color variations from them.  I also remember how frustrating it was to create prior to going digital and being stuck using an image in whatever color it appeared in; so I hope these fun color combinations help add to your crafting potential

My EKDuncan Artscene from the top of the post
 I used the altered Olive and Pink combination of the 
1779 walking dress for my digital artscene.

Here are the altered PNGs I created.

This is the original color combination

Teal and Sable Version

Slate and Grey Version

Blue and Pink Version

Peacock and Gold Version

Olive and Pink Version

Violet and Slate Version

Green Version

Blue Version

Purple Version

Brown Version

Grey Version

I look at a lot of things in an image before I choose it for a PNG upgrade.
This 1779 fashion plate showed a lot of promise for conversion and colorizing and 
I was quite satisfied with my choice in subject matter once the process was complete.  
I thought her face was lovely, her gown elegant and her pose quite interesting 
for using in a digital scene.  I hope you enjoy using her in your creations too.

till next time...


  1. Stunning collage! Love that small picture frame in the background, gives your creation more depth, absolutely wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much Ira,

      I popped in the "painting" to add another fashion plate but it looked a bit odd just hanging there. It turned out that the Ackermann's table I put in last anchor it all down and made all it work.

      It just goes to show the ladies are pretty but it's all the little odds and ends that are needed to make a scene work. I guess I now need to hunt more accessories for this period of time.


  2. So glad I checked this post again, otherwise I would have missed out on your comment Evelyn! Somehow your reactions never show up in my emails, alas... But I always love coming here to see what you've been creating anew!

    1. Hi again Ira - Ya, I think that is a "" thing. I always get an email when someone leaves me a comment as the blog owner; however I don't think blogger via blogspot ever emails back to the individual when the blog owner responds back. Just one of those blogging quirks.

      There are a few "Blogger" options you might want to try. If you want to check back in to see what comments and replies have been left for a particular post. You can select the "Subscribe to" - COMMENTS link found on the Right side of my blog (right under the "Search this Blog" box).

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      Otherwise, please check back if you leave a comment because I always try to reply back to every comment left on my blog.
      I hope this helps and thanks so much for letting me know what you think of my posts. It is always a pleasure to hear from you and my other lovely blog followers.


  3. Hello,
    The frame is so original!The fashion plates are beautiful!!! I always wonder how you manage to play with the colors of certain sections of dresses, with Photosop you probably easier to do, with PaintShop that I use. But, they are always soooooo gorgeous!!!!
    Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for all the kind words Sylvie.

      Photoshop is a wonderful tool but it still takes me a while to fine tune my settings, masks and layers when I make color changes to an image. That's why when I start working on a fashion plate I do multiple color combinations at one sitting; it just make the process worth the extra effort.