Thursday, April 5, 2012

Late 18th Century French Fashions for Men - PNGs

I decided to have a bit of fun and create PNGs of some of the previously posted  
(These are from the time of Marie Antoinette c 1780's)
aka Georgian England & Colonial American Period.

If you are like me you never know what color combination you might need for a project and since I know some of you do not have an editing program that allows you to alter colors; I've created an assortment of options for your crafting pleasure.


A fun little digital artscene I created using one of the fashion plates and an EKD created background.
PNGs are a quick and easy way to create digital scenes like the one above.
I find it useful to create an assortment of colors at the time I turn an image 
into a  png so I have a variety to choose from later on.

The background was created using photographs of a cobblestone street and an old stone staircase.
Via the magic of Photoshop - several filters and texture layers were used to create a ghost like background for my dapper gent.

This is the original Fashion plate for the above gentleman
The original 1779 fashion plate I started with

 Here are the PNGs of the above image.
I created in a variety of color combinations for the giggles of it.

EKD PNG in the original colors

EKD Mauve and Black Version

EKD Brown Version

EKD Green and Brown Version

EKD Sable and Plum Version

EKD Teal and Midnight Version

EKD Grey and Midnight Version

EKD Blue Version
I used this blue version to create the scene at the top of the post


Next up is this dashing gent from the back view.
I like to have images in a variety poses and love the fact that some of these 
old fashion plates give us side or back views.  

This is the original 1779 fashion plate I started with
 I wonder if this gent had these great calves 
or if this was a case of fashionable padding at work?
(It was not uncommon during this time period and into the Regency for men to 
use inserts in their stocking to give the appearance of shapely calves.)

EKD PNG of the original image

EKD Brown Version

EKD Plum Version

EKD Olive and Blue Version

EKD Slate and Wine Version


This Next one reminds me of Paul Revere and has that Colonial American 
look, even though it is a French Fashion Plate.

The Original Fashion plate I started with

EKD PNG of the original image

EKD Brown Version

EKD Onyx Version

EKD Blue Version

You can see a few more men's fashion PNGs from this series 
on previous posts HERE and HERE

I enjoy seeing what color combos I can create in Photoshop 
and how it changes the look of a character; so I hope you do too.

Next time I'll bring you more ladies fashions from the time of Marie Antoinette.
I still have several batches to go and then I'll wrap it up with a fun new project 
with a very practical 21st century application.

till next time...


  1. Hello,
    The little ladies (PNG) will have their companions!I love the color schemes.
    Many thanks!

    1. Thanks Sylvie - I figured the Lady PNGs I've created should have a nice assortment of potential male escorts (grins). I had a lot of fun creating all these color combinations and am glad you like them too.


  2. Hello. I was wondering how one should credit you when using this photo for academic purposes?

    1. Hi Chimaera - Thanks for your interest in my the images I've posted on my blog. Feel free to credit the images to EKDuncan, and thanks for asking.

      Best Wishes,
      Evelyn aka EKDuncan