Saturday, July 7, 2012

1788 Decorated Room Furniture Plate with Ladies

I've taken a great 1788 furniture plate image of a late 18th Century 
French decorated room from the my post 
altered it and used it as a background to create another fun piece of digital art.

The French Room by EKDuncan

 The Blue Room above was created using vintage French fashion plate images.
The Room is from a 1788 issue of "Magasin des Modes Nouvelles, Francaises et Anglaises"
The elaborate French Sofa is from a 1786 issue of "Cabinet Des Modes ou Les Modes Nouvelles"

Both Fashion Ladies are from  "Magasin des Modes Nouvelles, Francaises et Anglaises"
The 1788 lady (left) can be found HERE in several of color choices.
The 1787 lady (right) can be found HERE in a variety of color choices.

The original background from the French publication looked like this.
1788 French Furniture plate of a room - original look

I thought this image had a great look to it but I still wanted to tweak it a bit so I made several extensive alterations in Photoshop till I arrived at my EKDuncan version of the room.

My altered version of the 1788 room used in the French Room Scene at the top of the post
I altered the original room in Photoshop so that the paneling appears more dimensional in the walls and ceiling; then I made several color adjustments till I had a color scheme I liked.
This one has Pistachio Green Walls with Blue-Green and Gold Accents.

Once all the major work was done I decided to play around with colors so I had several color choices.  I enjoy seeing how the room changes based on slight color variances.

These are the other color combinations I came up with for this setting.

Teal Walls with Gold, Green and Pink Accents - Pink Floor

Marine Blue Walls with Gold and Blue Accents - Beige Floor

Olive Walls with Gold Accents - Tan floor

Sage Walls with Green and Gold Accents - Beige Floor

Lilac Walls with Green and Gold Accents - Tan Floor

Green Walls with Green and Gold Accents - Green Floor

Gold Walls with Gold, Green and Pink Accents - Gold Floor

 For my artscene I could have used the room as is; however I chose to change the look a bit more by adding in an additional piece of vintage furniture to give the room a cozier, less formal look.

I chose an elaborate French Sofa since I thought it was quite attractive.

1786 French Sofa from "Cabinet Des Modes ou Les Modes Nouvelles"
Once again I took the original furniture plate image and created several color versions.

Aqua Version

Rose Version

Green Version

Plum Version

Gold Version

So One Room, a funky furnishing and two lovely ladies later I had this fun scene.

French Room from 1788 with 1786 Sofa and Fashion Ladies of 1787&1788

 I do enjoy looking at vintage fashion and furniture plates on their own; 
however I think they have more personality when displayed in a scene.

I've got one more "Georgian Room Scene" coming up so please visit again.

Till Next time...


  1. Sumptuous decors!!!
    Many thanks!

    1. Welcome back Sylvie!

      Yes, isn't this room scrumptious? I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and knew if would be amazing with a bit of digital enhancement. I think it would look even more amazing in a 3D version where you print 2 or 3 of the image and then cut out and layer the panels of the room so they really do "pop" out at you.

      Thanks for letting me know you like this image. I've not had as much luck in getting room images from the 1700's but the few I've been lucky enough to get have been pretty nice additions to my ever growing collection.


  2. Oh lala, tre magnifique, you did a splendid job placing your fancy ladies in that beautiful digital room. I have to say I am intrigued by your idea, it reminds me of doll houses but you have taken it into the 21st century, I just might build my own digital rooms. Thank you so much for all the sources. I am so glad I found you I am your newest member, I saw your button on artfully musing's blog because I wanted to see her adorable matchbook items. You are so talented I am envious, please stop by my blog the for a little visit if you have the time.

    1. Hey missmacymay - Welcome, I'm so glad you found me and yes, ArtfullyMusing is a great blog full of amazing projects and ideas, so I'm honored that you chose to follow me and my muse too. - grins.

      Thanks for all your kind words about my blog and artwork. I'm a big fan of Victorian "toy theaters" and "room boxes"; and it's from those that I'm inspired to create my digital scenes. Considering "room boxes" are basically one room of a doll house; I'm thrilled you think my scenes remind you of one.

      My goal is to one day create a series of 3D toy theater/room scenes in shadow box form to fame and place on my walls; but for now I'm creating fun little digital scenes to post along with all the great vintage images I've acquired.

      These types of scenes are a lot of fun to put together and I do hope you give it a try. I have no doubt that you will create some amazing pieces of your own and I look forward to getting the chance to browse your blog in more detail very soon. I look forward to seeing what projects you create using Marie Antoinette style images.

      Wishing you all my best,