Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adelina Patti - Articulated Paper Doll gets a New Look

I've chosen  "Adelina Patti" as the next beauty to present in this series of 
 L&B "Littauer & Boysen" late 1800's Victorian articulated paper dolls.  

I purchased the original doll back in 2011 and posted about her at that time.
Click HERE to see that paper doll post.
I've now given her a brand new look and a variety of color choices to play with.
I hope you like the results as much as I do - grins.

My digitally altered version of Adelina Patti base on an original late 1800's paper doll in my collection.
I purchased my Adelina Patti paper doll with mismatched parts and since she was originally 
created to be a ballerina doll; I've matched her up with the correct limbs, added in a vintage 
doll torso and given her a new hair style; which I believe makes her more feminine and attractive.

Judge for yourself by comparing the below before and after image.

Before and after comparison of the Adelina Patti paper doll head
The original doll head is sweet but the hairstyle just did not seem to do the image justice.
For some reason L&B gave the dolls "stubby" hairdos when the ladies would have looked 
so much nicer with fancy updos to complement their pretty faces. Well, I figured if I was going to be making digital adjustments I could give the hairstyle a try too and I like the end result.
It's not radically different from the original yet it softens up her strong features.

Now for those who are wondering why I call this doll Adelina Patti...
L&B created this line of jointed paper dolls in the late 1800's to represent famous divas of the day.
The collector who previously owned this doll stated she was Adelina Patti.  
I believe her identification to be correct, considering the amazing resemblance with the opera 
star and Adelina's immense popularity at the time period this doll was originally produced.

Opera Singer - Adelina Patti
This photo and others of Adelina Patti can be found online 
Adelina Patti (1843-1919) was a famous Opera soprano throughout the late 1800's.
Her first public singing performance was in 1851 at the tender age of 8 
and her last audience performance was at the age of 71 in 1914.
In her prime she was paid $5000 a night in gold before her performance.
Learn more about this international diva - HERE

As I've stated in previous L&B posts, collecting these dolls can be fascinating and frustrating all at the same time.  I'm thrilled to add a new face or set of limbs when ever I can find them; however many times the dolls are damaged, do not have all their parts or come with incorrect parts.  

In the case of Adelina - she came with yellow prima donna, bloomered legs and gloved arms 
instead of the ballerina parts she was originally created to have.

Adilina Patti and the limbs she was purchased with.

Most of the L&B paper doll parts for the ballerinas and prima donnas are interchangeable,
so it's an easy fix to add in the correct parts if you have them in your collection.
Originally she would have been sold as a ballerina with green toe shoes and ballerina arms.

I love making digital alterations to vintage images so I have a nice assortment to craft with.
Naturally I wanted to see what combinations I could come up with in regards to my collection of original L&B paper dolls and was pleasantly surprised when I was finished.

I can't say that this doll was one of my favorites in the collection to craft with; 
however after making these digital adjustments I have to say I love her new look;
especially the goth bride look I've given her for Halloween.
(sorry, but you'll have to check back in at the end of the month to see it).

These are the lovely new altered versions of 
Adelina Patti for your crafting pleasure.


Adelina jointed paper doll with new hairstyle and Green ballet parts

Adelina jointed paper doll with new hairstyle and Pink ballet parts

Adelina jointed paper doll with new hairstyle and Prima Donna doll parts - Pink

Adelina jointed paper doll with new hairstyle and Prima Donna doll parts -Yellow

Adelina jointed paper doll with new hairstyle and Prima Donna doll parts - Blue

Adelina jointed paper doll with new hairstyle and Prima Donna doll parts -White

Adelina jointed paper doll with new hairstyle and Prima Donna doll parts -Green

 I have a blast seeing how different the same paper doll looks depending 
on the limbs and color combination she wears; however, I loved her new hairstyle 
so much I made similar alterations to some of my other L&B beauties.
I hope you guys like the changes as much as I do.

Don't forget to check back and see the other dolls in the collection.

Till Next Time...


  1. Hello,
    Always sooooo gorgeous!!! I learn a lot about the paper dolls on your blog!I love paper dolls because it reminds me that my grandmother had given me when I was a little girl.
    I also love this paper doll with beautiful gloves, stockings and little panties petticoat; she is very chic!
    Thank you soooooooo much!!!

    1. Thanks again Sylvie - I have a weakness for Victorian Paper dolls and especially love their underclothes. That's probably one reason I'm drawn to these jointed "corset" dolls and "bloomer" girls.

      I'm so glad you are enjoying the dolls and thanks for letting me know.


  2. Oups! I just noticed that her hair is longer on the altered version! It is even more beautiful as well!

    1. Hey Sylvie - I thought she looked prettier with a more feminine hairstyle and thought this new style suited her the better. I'm glad to hear you agree too.