Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gothic Girls Paper Doll Dress Up for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Since we are never too old to play dress up for Halloween I thought I'd have 
some fun with my Victorian paper doll that I've given a Gothic makeover to.

Goth Girl Glam for Halloween
 The doll on the right is from my Vampire Bride set of dolls posted - HERE
 and I've created another slightly different version of her for this post.

Goth Girl dressed in Black
For this version my Goth Girl is dressed in black rather than white.
 And I've created a fun costume sheet so she can play dress up.

Mix and match wardrobe accessories so she can dress up for Halloween - Party!

 This goth girl paper doll is based on a vintage Victorian L&B paper doll from my personal collection. I altered her digitally to get this fun Gothic, vampire look for Halloween so I decided to do something similar with her wardrobe as well.  Many of the items in the dress-up sheet are real Victorian fashions from 1900 others are in keeping with the style.

Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll - Slate Blue
 I think it can be such fun to dress up these vintage jointed L&B paper dolls and it's 
more fun to scan the Internet looking for items to dress them up in.

Since the original paper dolls are from Victorian times I went to one of my favorite costume sites to locate some wickedly fun Victorian garb for my gal.

c1900 Fetish thigh high Victorian Boots from the Metropolitan Museum
Top of the list is this amazing pair of thigh high leather fetish boots c1900.
Yup, that's right ladies - we are not the only naughty society in history. 
There were some pretty interesting fetish garments available in the 1800 and 1900's that 
would have made your grandmother blush and these boots were probably top of the list.

I love this pair of boots and had to include them as part of Goth Girls wardrobe.
You can see them at the museums website - HERE

I think to date I've located 4 different pair of Victorian fetish thigh high boots that are in museums.
 I love posting great vintage clothing to my Museum Fashion board over at Pinterest so if you would like to see some other great fashions including more fetish boots from the past - click HERE

1891 French Silk Corset from the Metropolitan Museum
 I adore corsets and this is one of my favorite vintage finds.
The colors, pattern and shape are so yummy that I had to make this part 
of goth girls collection as well.

You can see this beautiful piece at the museums website - HERE

c1908 Negligee - Dressing Gown from the Metropolitan Museum
 I thought this great Edwardian dressing gown had a Sgt. Peppers, frock coat look to it 
that would work really well with the tall boots and goth theme.  
I made a few alterations and had just what I wanted for my doll's ensemble.

 You can see item at the museums website - HERE

 The remainder of the items in the wardrobe were Internet finds that had that 
Gothic Victorian feel to them, which I altered to fit this particular Gothic paper doll.

The wardrobe sheets come in several color choices so you can go with the color scheme that works best for you.  It's fun to mix and match the items to get a new look.

Two slightly different dolls - Two different looks

The left doll was created from parts in yesterdays post.  She is a multi-jointed doll 
and only wears the corset and mini-skirt from the Peach sheet posted below.  

The right doll has been glued together in a permanent pose and has not joints.
She wears the tall boots, black lace corset and silk jacket.

Add caption

 And here again is a variety of looks you can get from that one sheet 
depending on how you mix and match the items from it.

The web is a treasure trove of items you can use to dress up a jointed paper doll, many of which 
you can adjusted to fit your doll with a pair of scissors or in this case if you have a good 
digital editing program you can custom fit items to a specific doll like I did with this one.

You might be able to get some of the clothing items from these sheets to work with other of the L&B vintage paper dolls I've previously posted; but these items were created specifically to fit this particular jointed paper doll and the torso that comes with her. 

Here is the Goth Girl Dress-Up sheet in several other color choices.


Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll -Silver Blue

Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll -Peach

Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll -Periwinkle

Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll -Pewter

Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll -Pink

Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll -Plum

Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll -Rose

Vintage Victorian Accessories tailored to fit the Victorian Gothic Paper Doll -Shimmer

 A different look for the boots can be acquired by printing the sheet in reverse, by doing this you can create a new look for the boots by having a mirror effect of each boot so when combined you have a new pose for the legs.

Here is what the pair of boots looks like when you do that.

Trio of Fetish c1900 boots in different configurations

 The left pair is the original look for the boots.
The middle pair is what the far left boot looks like when you use it and create one in reverse.
The last pair is what the other boot looks like when matched with it's mirror image.

c1900 Fetish Boots - Left and Right pointing pairs
You can even get another look by taking the your boots and having two 
of the same pointed in the same direction.

 Well as you can see I had a bit of fun dressing up my L&B jointed paper doll and I hope you enjoyed seeing how I did it as well as some of the fun Victorian Fashions items I used to do so.

I also hope you spend some time browsing the Metropolitan Museums website and other Museum websites for vintage fashions.  It's amazing to see what our forefathers and naughty predecessors wore.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

This post is in loving memory of Sherlock
my mischievous and loving kitty who will be greatly missed.
(Sherlock: April 2000 - October 2012)
Sherlock and me Halloween 2011


  1. Too cute your dolls Evelyn!
    Happy halloween to you!
    A tender thought for Sherlock too. :)

    1. Thanks Sim - I'm glad you liked the dress-up dolls. I had fun working on them. I am glad I had the images for these Halloween posts ready before the emergency trip to the vet yesterday morning.

      Thanks too for your thoughts on Sherlock.
      He spent the last several days in a chair next to me as I was working on the Gothic Victorian dolls and costumes so he truly was a part of both these posts and I am glad to honor his memory with them.
      I will miss his company going forward as I work on new projects but I am blessed with the 12 years of memories and companionship he provided.


  2. Hello,
    Wow, a lot of work to fit!!! It's sooo chic! What impresses me the most are the boots that go great with the legs of the paper doll, it's amazing!
    Many thanks!!!

    1. Hi Sylvie - Yes, it took while to "custom" fit the items but I loved the way they all came out. I also love those boots!!! and was thrilled that they worked with the doll so well. I'm glad you like them too!


  3. These are totally awesome! I love the paperdolls and all of their clothes!

    1. Hey Fygeecat - Thanks, I'm so glad you like them!!!


  4. I came accross your blog while in search of these type of paper dolls and glad I did. I love your paper dolls.
    I also love how you dedicated this post to your sweet baby Sherlock. He is he beautiful. I know it's been a while with your loss but he will always be loved and in your heart. I loss my baby boy last year and every single day I think of him and how much I love him.
    Thank you for sharing your paper dolls and pictures of your baby.

    1. Hey Lori - I'm so glad you are enjoying the paper dolls. I think we stay "girls" at heart no matter how old we grow. - grins

      Thanks of the sweet words about my "puppy cat" Sherlock. He was an amazing cat and I was lucky to have 12 wonderful years with him in my life. I will treasure all my memories of him and to celebrate his life I adopted 2 kittens that were born to some strays that had been hanging around our house for several months.

      The 6 month old girl kitten looks similar to Sherlock, except her fur is short and where Sherlock had a damaged left ear, Watson has a damaged right ear. Yup - I named her Watson, I could not resist. Watson was in the company of an approx. 9 mo old male and they were inseparable. Her playmate "chirped" and "talked" in a similar way to Sherlock, so I saw it as a sign and took them both in on a cold and rainy night just before Christmas. Watson and Gizmo are now enjoying a life of luxury as indoor.

      It is always sad to loose a fur member of the family, so I know your sense of loss for you "baby boy". There is no replacing that loss but it it good to share the love we have with another fur child and give them a chance at a good life.

      Thanks again for you kind note and I hope you continue to enjoy the dolls,