Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - Vintage Raphael Tuck & Sons Images

I thought it would be fun to start off the New Year with a few vintage images of postcards 
from the early 1900's that celebrates moving out of the old and into the new.

There are also some great Raphael Tuck & Sons Victorian Scraps 
and paper dolls at the bottom of the post.

Happy New Year to you all!

Early 1900's New Year's "Toast" card by Raphael Tuck

One of my new interests are items created by Raphael Tuck, so while browsing for
 "Tuck" paper dolls and other items; I've come across a nice selection of cards produced by them.  
Here are some of those finds related to New Years.

Pretty New Years Lady Card from early 1900's - Raphael Tuck
Raphael Tuck was a late 1800's early 1900's company known of producing 
paper products with pretty ladies and sweet children.
They had several collections of paper dolls over the years and the images they produced 
on postcards such as these are reminiscent of the paper dolls they sold.

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 - two girls with flowers

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 -girl with bells

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 - girl in blue

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 - girl with flower basket

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 -beaded card
This postcard from the 603 series has crystal beads applied to it and would have cost 
a bit more that the other cards in the series that did not have this extra bit of "frosting".

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 - holly & flowers girl

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 -Two girls with flowers

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 -girl with rose

c1910 Raphael Tuck New Years Postcard - from series 603 -girl with bow & flowers
  I'm not sure how many cards were part of the Raphael Tuck & Sons "Golden Years" 603 series
but I can see how these cards would have been a popular choice both then and now.


I just wanted to add in a few other items Raphael Tuck and Sons made so you get
 an idea of the other fun collectibles out there by this amazing company.
Uncut sheet of Raphael Tuck Doll Parts - Victorian Scraps
 This doll sheet recently sold on eBay for $175.00
I considered buying this sheet myself but the damage to it 
overrode the $175.00 beginning bid price for me. 
Paper doll parts such as these were used to assemble "articulated" paper dolls 
similar to the L&B ballerinas I posted back in 2012.

Add a torso and then create and embellished skirt to "cloth" each doll.
Several Victorian print companies produced this kind of "craft" doll.
You can see a few other examples of this kind of child doll - HERE

A Set of 4 Raphael Tuck Lady Heads - Victorian Scraps
Victorian scraps were quite popular in the past as they are by collectors today.
Lady heads such as these could be used to create an assortment of crafts or could 
simply be collected and placed into scrapbooks of their day.

Fair Frances of the Little Maids paper doll series by Raphael Tuck - 1894
Raphael Tuck paper dolls are highly collectibles; when you see sets like this how could you resist?
The girl doll are so sweet to look at and there are so many to collect.

One paper doll set from the Bride Series by Raphael Tuck - 1894
If child dolls aren't your thing then there are other paper dolls with more 
grown up appeal, such as this one from the 1894 Bride Series.

Basically there is a large assortment of paper collectibles produced by 
Raphael Tuck and Sons between the years of 1866 - 1959.

c1900 Mechanical Paper Squirrel -  Raphael Tuck & Sons
 There are postcards, greeting cards, actress cards, royal commemorates, books,
paper dolls, Victorian scraps of all kinds, and even miniature paper models.

Victorian Paper Scraps - Flowers - Raphael Tuck & Sons c1890
 RT&Sons created a large assortment of paper scraps in the Victorian/Edwardian period.
There were flowers, foliage, buildings, animals, people, decorations, and even clock faces.
My favorites so far are the dolls, lady heads and model theaters but I'm sure as 
I continue to look I'll spot many more items to add to my growing, vintage collection.

I will be posting more about Raphael Tuck paper collectibles and other 
vintage paper products from my collection in the upcoming year, so visit again soon.

Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Always awesome treasures here!
    May all your wishes com true in 2013 dear Evelyn.

    1. Greetings Sim

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the post and may you also enjoy much happiness and joy in this New Year.

      Wishing you all my best,

    2. Your paper dolls are so gorgeous.I love to embellish paper dolls.Can you buy some of these paper dolls.
      I sure did enjoy this post...Truly!!!
      Marie Antoinette

    3. Thanks "Marie's" - This post was to show examples of Tuck images. I do not have any of these for sale but they do appear from time to time on eBay and then digital downloads can sometimes be found on Etsy, so you may want to give that a try.
      Also currently The Graphics Fairy has 2 of the Tuck dolls shown above on her site that you can download for free. You can find them at http://thegraphicsfairy.com/vintage-printable-paper-doll-pretty-girl/ and http://thegraphicsfairy.com/vintage-printable-paper-doll-boy/

      Interestingly enough you have one of my "Marie Antoinette" Ladies on your business cards. I know you purchased the design from CountryAtHeart on Etsy but the Lady came from my blog. She is one of my colorized versions that can be found at post http://www.ekduncan.com/2012/02/dancing-marie-3-queen-of-castle.html

      The color version you have on your business card is found on the bottom of that post.

      Just thought you'd like to know that tid-bit.


  2. Hello!
    A very Happy New Year to you! Health and lots of happiness! I know the site of Raphael Tuck, it is wonderful too. I've already written to thank them for sharing such beautiful things. The paper dolls are gorgeous!!! We can follow the history of fashion through these paper dolls. Thank you very much for this great post!

    1. Happy New Year Sylvie!

      I'm so glad you continue to enjoy the posts.
      Yes - paper dolls are a great way to see how changes in fashion and I too adore the Raphael Tuck dolls.