Friday, March 22, 2013

New Look for a Vintage Paluzie Paper Theater

As Promised I've created a few new looks on anther vintage Paluzie Toy Theater.

Preview - New Looks for a vintage Paluzie Toy Theater
When I originally posted about this vintage Paluzie Toy Theater from Spain, I made mention that I personally did not like the top portion of the theater and that my preference was to remove it and use just the lower box portion of the theater.  Well, that caused me to try an find an alternate way of revising the look of the theater so I would keep it in tact. I like the final revised look and hope you do too. - grins

The original post showing the Paluzie Nº 1028 Theater can be seen -HERE
I hope you get the chance to check out that post which contains several Paluzie Theaters.

Original modifications made to the theater

Originally I did some clean up to the vintage sheet and digitally assembled it to create the full theater.  I did not like the "topper" so I tried to add in more shadows and brightened up the figures and though this improved the image slightly, I still was not thrilled with the final look.

Well, on that post I did not want to stray too far from the charm of the original Spanish theater and left it at that.  But it continued to bug me and I decided to take a new stab at it - this time I made several modifications to the original and tried a variety of backgrounds till I decided on my final look.

I decided the background behind the figures and the "flatness" of them was my main issue. So step one was to concentrate on statues, remove the upper background and find one that worked better.

New Altered Attempt - better but not there yet
Though I liked this look better, it still was not what I wanted; so at this stage of the game I decided to remove all the background from the entire theater and go for something more radical.

New Version - Recolored and New Background
I recolored a majority of the theater which helped to give more dimension to the statues and other items. Then with the background removed I had the opportunity to add in more drop shadows and put in a unique background of my own, using a variety of layers and textures till I achieved this new look.

Once I got to my final background choice I wanted it in a few color options and choose to add in a drop curtain for each; so here are the three I came up with.

Note - The theater is based on a vintage Paluzie, but the additional drop curtain has been altered from a 1918 image published by Illustreret Familie Journal which was posted on Flickr - HERE

New Version - Teal Theater - Green Curtain

New Version - Green Theater - Lilac Curtain

New Version - Gold Theater - Blue Curtain

I really like the way the new updated theater came out and think I might stand a better chance of keeping this theater in tack than I did before... but I still think I like it best without.

It's probably all those lovely flowers, I seem to want them to be the focal point 
without fighting for attention with the upper figures. 

Oh well, different strokes for different folks.  I'm sure many of you would prefer the original untouched version to the altered one but at least there are options to choose from and variety is the spice of life so you now have your pick.

Till Next Time...


  1. Tienes un blog precioso, entraré con más tiempo para disfrutar de todas las cosas bonitas, felices pascuas:)

    1. Felices pascuas a ti tambien, Contrastes-Rosa Mª y muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Espero que siga disfrutando de mi blog y que me haga saber qué puestos están disfrutando al máximo.



      Happy Easter to you too, Contrastes-Rosa Mª and many thanks for your kind words. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and let me know which posts you are enjoying the most.


  2. Hello,
    Beautiful soft colors!
    Very delicate drapes!
    Many thanks!

    1. Hey Sylvie - I had Easter/Spring on the brain when I was doing these so it played out quite well on the changes I did to this little Spanish Theater. Thanks for letting me know you like them.


  3. Hi, very nice !!!!
    Thank you !!!
    Terry - Italy

    1. Hi Terry from Italy! - Thanks for letting me know you like the new look I came up with for the vintage Spanish paper theater.