Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scenic Stamping - The Bits and Pieces

The bits and pieces and how they get pulled together is what I like best about scenic stamping. I enjoy the whole process of thinking through a potential concept, finding the right images, working through the placement and then the mechanics of getting the final product on paper.

"Spooky" - My take on a Monster Mash Party
All stamps are by Stamp Francisco, most are from the Bartholomews Ink line of stamps

The purist version of scenic stamping has the artist stamping and over-stamping images using the masking technique. This process allows you to create overlapping images where you stamp the items closest to the foreground first and then mask off each successive image before stamping the next image until you reach your furthest background image last.

Masks are created and used to cover or “mask” a previously stamped image so that another stamp image can be added to your scene, without inking over the image/ images you have previously stamped. Masks allow you to layer your stamped scene and gives you greater versatility with your collection of stamp images.

Creating a scene is like putting a puzzle together. I photograph my layout once I've put all the puzzle pieces where I want them, so I have a reference point as I stamp it out.

I create my masks from thin paper, post-it notes or by using this great product called Eclipse Masking Paper. These masks serve double duty since I first use them to create my layout and then I use them to protect the images as I stamp out the scene.

(I use my masks multiple time before they need to be replaced. This is why you see odd stamping lines on the above characters. This shows how the masks protect an image when you are stamping other images around them).


These are a few other scenes I have created
Stamp Francisco rubber stamps.
(All the scenes were colored with pastel pencils and decorative chalks)

"The Library" 16 Stamp Francisco stamp images were used to create this scene.
(I designed several of the furniture pieces in this scene for Stamp Francisco:
The bookcases, window, desk, both lamps and rug are EKDuncan designs)

"The Pink Room" 11 Stamp Francisco stamps were used to create this scene.
(I designed several of the furniture pieces in this scene for Stamp Francisco:
The marble floor, ceiling beams, ceiling fan, lamp and
door are
EKDuncan designs)


These are a few "works in progress"

This is to be a Garden of Eden type scene once I get it all worked out.
The stamp images are by various companies.
Stampscapes, Third Coast Rubber, Stamp Francisco & Marks of Distinction

"On the Cat Walk" this one has been on my back burner
for a while as I'm still trying to find some more
background stamps to finish it off.
The stamp images are by various companies:
100 Proof Press, Beeswax Rubber Stamps, Cherry Pie Stamps

Grins and Giggles,
Evelyn (EKDuncan)


  1. Nice. Did you ever finish Garden of Eden?

    1. Hey Kevin - Sad to say but I've not stamped in years and did not stamp out those last two creations from this post; so Garden of Eden is one of many unfinished works at present.