Thursday, September 1, 2011

Regency Garden Party with a Roaring Rogue

What I love to do best is create and now that I've finished posting the 2nd series of Ackermann's Repository fashion plates I thought I'd have a bit of fun.  Using a variety of Ackermann images and one very cool lion man by J.J.Grandville; I was able to create this wild Regency garden party scene.

My inspiration for this digital art piece "Regency Garden Party";  were two books I just finished reading by Larissa Lyons which she has dubbed her "Roaring Rogues".  This Regency romance series takes a walk on the wild side;  since the men of this family are cursed with being lion shifters - yummy.  Currently there are two books in the series and I believe more in the works.  These unique Regency reads are not your average romances, they have unique story lines and erotic adult content so they are not for the faint of heart.  But if you like your romances a bit on the wild side (like I do), give "Ensnared by Innocence"  and  "Deceived by Desire" a try.  The first two books were so entertaining that I can't wait for book 3 to come out;  I'm so looking forward to it.  Thanks for such fun reads Larissa and for inspiring my latest digital creation.

A bit of Regency Whimsy using various images from the pages of Ackermann's Repository
I've been a fan of J.J. Grandville and his series of animal people for a long time; one of my favorite characters by him is this stately Lion Man.  After reading Larissa Lyons' erotic Regency shape-shifter books with lion shifters; I could not resist creating this fun piece of digital art using him and some of my great Ackermann finds, including an animal print curtain.  In Larissa Lyons' erotic Regency shifter series, these "roaring" male shifters are truly rogues of the first order; however what lady can resist such magnetism.  So, I've created a bit of a garden party scene where my lion gentleman is getting more than his share of attention for the ladies.

I enjoy creating digital art pieces and it's one of the reasons I constantly hunt for items that can be added to my artists arsonal of fun and unusual images.  I know that many of you out there enjoy doing the same; so I hope you will be adding some vintage Ackermann images to your stock-pile and creating fun new art with them as well.

 To create my Regency Garden Party scene I used a variety of images from 
Ackermann's Repository and one of Grandvilles characters.

Here are the items I used

Lion Man by Grandville - colorized by EKDuncan
This lion gent is dressed in very late Regency attire but I think he still works 
quite well with my mid-Regency ladies, so I'm sure no one will complain about his fashion sense.

 I took the Grandville print, removed the background and colorized
it in Photoshop; so he could blend in with my Ackermann images.

This is the original Grandville image of the Lion Man
Grandville was a French, satirical artist and is probably best known for
his body of work Les Métamorphoses du jour done in 1828-1829 
depicting a large assortment of animal people that play out a human comedy. 
Each animal face depicted the true personality 
of the character in the book and was very popular in it's day.

The Lion Man is my favorite of all his characters.
I'll probably post some more of these fun Grandville images at another time.

All the other images in the scene came from
the pages of Ackermann's Repository

Click HERE to see the original plate and other 1817 
fashions from Ackermann's Repository

Click HERE to see the original plate and other 1819
fashions from Ackermann's Repository

Click HERE to see the original plate and other 1819
fashions from Ackermann's Repository

This is an illustration of a Garden Seat from an 1820's issue of Ackernann's Repository.
Ackermann's Series 2 included a lot of illustrations of garden settings and they make very nice backdrops for digital art creations like my "Regency Garden Party"

I will be posting more images like this later on after I finish with all the fashion plates.

I love curtains and leopard prints - this one great image has them both rolled into one.  
Untill I saw this image I never associated animal print with the Regency period but 
here you have it.  I like this particular curtain so much that if you take a look at 
the top of my blog you will see that I used it to create my banner/header.

This is what the original 1809 Ackermann's furniture plate looked like.
I used Photoshop to remove out all the parts I did not want and then digitally
altered the color to work with my scene.

Ackermann's has lots of great furniture plates and of those several are of amazing window draperies like these.  I'll be posting more curtains and furnishings later on after I finish with the fashion plates.
  So there is a lot of great Regency images still to come over the next several months.

I Hope you join me again as I post the Ackermann's Repository Fashion plates for Series 3.

Till next we meet



  1. Thanks so very much.

    I love reading Regency romances and this is one of those times where a story inspired me to create some really fun art.

    It gave me a giggle so I'm glad you liked it too.


  2. This is just wonderful, Evelyn! I would love to learn more about how you colorize in Photoshop. I've not been satisfied with my own efforts.

  3. Thanks Jan. I'm new to working with Photoshop (I just started in Jan of this year) so most of what I do is self taught or from tips and tricks I've learned on the web.

    There are always several ways to do things in a program like Photoshop and my way may not be the best, but it works for me.

    I will occasionally leave tutorials just so you guys out there can see how I did something and to help remind me as well (giggles). If you go to the LABLES section of my blog you can click on tutorials to see them all. There are 24 right now and of those several of the more recent ones are for working in Photoshop.

    The one where I show the most on how I colorize gray scale images using Photoshop can be found on my March 24, 2011 post - for "Pretty in Pink".

    I hope this helps.

    Wishing you all the best,

  4. Thanks so much, Evelyn. Your tip about recording the color numbers, and the one about selecting the image outline before coloring are going to be so helpful! I'll certainly be paying closer attention to your tutorials from here on.

    Kind regards,

  5. I'm so glad you found some of the tips helpful.

    I remember how overwhelmed I felt when first starting to colorizing in Photoshop; so I tried to find tricks to make the journey easier and was glad to share what was working for me.

    I hope these tricks makes your colorizing adventures more enjoyable as well.


  6. Evelyn, what an awesome post! I'm in awe of your talent--talk about combining historical with cutting-edge technology. (Maybe I need to hire you to do the book covers for my future lion shifter books??) I sincerely appreciate everything you said about my Roaring Rogues and LOVE your Regency Garden Party. >^..^< Larissa

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments Larissa.

    I'm loving my artistic adventures with learning Photoshop this year; it has been an amazing outlet for my muse and I'm so glad I made the choice to take it on.

    I had a grand time creating this scene after reading your two "Roaring Rogues" books and was thrilled to be able to talk a bit about how fun those books were and how they inspired me to create the artwork. I know I'll be looking forward to reading more in this series as they come out.

    As much as I like creating scenes like "Garden Party"; I'd still rather see hunky, bare-chested men on book covers - yum, yum!


  8. Well of course -- who in their right mind would say no to bare-chested hunks? :-) Larissa